FEB 07, 2022

Tech professionals believe that artificial intelligence is set to take over millions of jobs, including developer roles

Artificial intelligence solutions have entirely transformed the domain of modern enterprises and business operations. Over the years, the further evolution of AI into a more advanced form has changed our outlook on everything. Quite similarly, AI has a drastic impact on software development and testing. Experts are anticipating the increased use of artificial intelligence for software development so that it can increase the efficiency of the software development lifecycle. Currently, maximum software enterprises are adopting emerging AI technologies in software development to stay abreast in the competition. The technology is poised to alter basic development fundamentals through acute means, but many believe that it will bring serious challenges to the traditional methods of software development. But if AI is fully capable of augmenting the development lifecycle and automating the entire procedure, what will be the role of programmers and developers?

Well, tech and market analysts are quite worried about the impact of AI on their job roles. With challenges to the traditional working environments, developers and programmers are worried that they will face acute job losses and layoffs soon. With the rapid development of such advanced technologies, it is quite obvious that companies would like to cut costs of human labour and reduce errors. Nevertheless, this is a huge step for AI and companies alike that can help progress the reach of AI into various other domains, including software development and programming.

Is AI code writing and development possible?

Recent reports on AI and its developments have revealed that the advancements of this technology along with its adjoining solutions will be responsible for writing better software codes, and they will do it faster than the best human developers and programmers in the global industry. Experts warn that software developers and programmers might get computerized with the advances in machine learning algorithms. The optimization of safety-critical areas in software development tasks by AI solutions is also one of the major reasons why businesses are thinking about deploying AI in software development, testing and programming tasks. The technology can ensure that the code quality is high and delivers all the functional requirements.

Besides, intelligent programming and development assistance from AI can cut down on the workload in terms of automating the creation of code and identifying faults in the code manually. Artificial intelligence can be used to develop advanced business concepts for huge projects that are labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Enterprises are continually evolving, along with the ever-changing landscape of technology. Transformation of legacy applications and large-scale refactoring is essential with critical necessities, and deploying machine learning algorithms and frameworks will analyze codes and automatically optimize them for interoperability and higher performance.

What else can AI do in software development and programming?

Software development often involves exceeding the assigned budgets and misses deadlines. But it is also critical to understand the context, map resources, and understand the strengths of the implementation team. Machine learning can correlate data from past projects regarding user experiences, estimate the accurate budget, and ensure proper planning for more efficiency. AI solutions help prioritize products and features, as well as provide near-perfect details about the different complexities that give the business leaders and managers enough time to identify the methods that help maximize profit and minimize risks. The technology is also turning around testing and maintenance which is also an integral part of the software development lifecycle. AI in software testing allows IT companies to completely transform software testing into a robust automated process reuniting minimal intervention of humans.

So, will AI really replace developers?

A simple answer to this immensely critical question is a big ‘NO’ for now. AI will not be replacing developers or programmers anytime soon but might perform coding and developing tasks in the future. Researchers and AI scientists believe that it will take time for AI to be able to create actual production-worthy and usable code that spans more than a few lines. AI is not yet poised to replace developers or programmers but will be essentially designed to help developers understand their options. It is for human professionals to decide how to optimize the AI and ML solutions for their own benefit.

Developers will also use AI as a coding pair to develop better software and applications. AI will not replace the true value of developers, instead, help them become more efficient. The industry will employ more such developers who will efficiently deploy such advanced technologies for better results and maximized revenues. It will take longer for AI to interpret the business value of each feature, so developers will always remain valuable for enterprises.

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