Gaming violence in the USA: The renewed wave of guilt

MAY 30, 2022

The most recent mass shooting in the United States has put the spotlight back on violent video games.

As is the case every time, a section of the population and the media have blamed video games for turning the peaceful population into mass murderers.

As might be expected, outrage has spread through the gaming community, tired of being blamed for the crimes of others.

Studies have already attested to the fact that video games do not elicit any kind of violent behaviour from users, but it seems that the hobby's detractors are still blind to reality.

One person took to Twitter to essentially suggest creators of violent video games are part of the problem when it comes to gun violence in America.

"If you work on a video game that uses modern-day firearms to shoot other humans you need a real hard look in the mirror tonight," he tweeted.

The use of the word 'modern' is interesting, as if there really is a difference between shooting in games like 'Call of Duty: Warzone' and 'Halo Infinite'.

To have to start subdividing video games according to how much they simulate real warfare suggests the absurdity of blaming these video games, which are nothing more than forms of entertainment for the masses.

The primary difference between America and those in many other countries is that the Americans can go and acquire a real gun with minimal issues.

The problem with trying to blame these shootings on video games is not only that it is clearly misguided, but that it misses the point of pointing to the real causes, such as culture, the lack of psychological attention to adolescents, the closeness between children and guns, the parental and media example, and so on.

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