Ecom-Gaming advertisements rose by 9.2 times on print medium in 2021: TAM AdEx

SEP 19, 2021

Television saw a marginal rise of two percent in Jan-Aug, 2021

Winzo Games emerged as the most advertised brand on print

With the online gaming space growing in leaps and bounds in India, the Ecom-Gaming category is leveraging the momentum by increasing their advertisement volumes. The category saw a growth of 9.2 times in ad volumes on print, with radio and digital following behind at 2.3 times and 2.1 times growth, respectively, in January-August 2021 when compared to the same period last year, according to the data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. Television, on the other hand, registered a marginal rise of two percent in ad volumes.

On TV, news genre emerged as the preferred genre for Ecom-Gaming advertisements as it accounted for 33% share of the sector ad volume share on television. Following this was the movies genre with 29% share, and general entertainment channels (GEC) and sports genre accounting for 14% and 11% share, respectively. Music genres trailed behind at 10% share. The top three channel genres on TV together accounted for 76% share of ad volumes for the Ecom-Gaming category in 2021. Prime Time had the highest advertising of Ecom-Gaming with 32% share of ad volumes on TV with 20-40 seconds ad size being preferred by 76% advertisers. Galactus Funware Technology emerged as the biggest advertisers with MPL (Mobile Premier League) taking the numero uno place as the most advertised brand during Jan-Aug’21 with 36% share of ad volumes.

In print, Hindi newspapers accounted for 67% share of the Ecom-Gaming advertisements, followed by Marathi newspapers at 13%. English, Gujarati and Kannada newspapers trailed behind with six percent, each. The top five publication languages together added more than 98% share of sector’s ad volumes. Meanwhile, publication genre general interest had 99.8% share of ad space in print, while Business/Finance/Economy accounted for 0.2%.

As per the data, 80% of the advertisements in print were for sales promotion purposes while brand promotion accounted for 15% share. Os sales promotion, 45% of advertisements were multiple promotion, 28% were contest promotion and the remaining 27% of advertisements were add on promotion, Tictok Skill Games and Paytm First Games were the top two advertisers of Ecom-Gaming category which together contributed more than 90% share of ad space in Jan-Aug’2021. Winzo Games was the most advertised brand with 77% share of ad space.

Interestingly, West Bengal and Maharashtra topped all the states with 22% share of the sector’s ad volumes on radio during Jan-Aug’21, followed by Delhi with 16% share. Unlike television, radio saw afternoon and evening time-bands as the most preferred time for the sector’s advertisements, with the band accounting for 40% and 38% share, respectively. Among advertisers Tictok Skill Games topped with 31% of the ad volumes’ share in Jan-Aug’21. Winzo Games was the top brand with 31% share of ad volumes followed by Rummycircle.Com with 28% share.

As for digital, Ecom-Gaming category opted for display advertisement over video ads. 92% of the advertisements on digital were display ads while the remaining eight percent were video ads. Similarly, mobile display were the most preferred channel with 47% share of the pie. Following this was desktop display at 42% share. Desktop Video accounted for five percent share of the pie while mobile video and in app video trailed behind with three percent share, each. On digital, Gameskraft Technologies was the top advertiser with 25% share of the pie and Rummyculture emerged as the most advertised brand.

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