'There's a native language revolution happening in India'

AUG 21, 2023

With the increased penetration of smartphones and internet in the Indian households, the appetite for short video platforms has grown immensely in the country. At Pitch CMO Summit held in Bangalore on Friday, Gaurav Jain, Head - Emerging Business, Sharechat & Moj spoke about this format’s usefulness for marketers and delivered a session on the topic ‘Rise of Short Form Video.’

During the session, Jain avidly spoke about how entertainment is a key reason for the smartphone consumption rise in India. Short-form videos, with their multi-lingual and regional touch, have been able to reach the hearts of people in not just Tier 1 but also Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India.

With such an audience increase, Jain went on to explain how marketers can make the maximum from deploying these platforms for growing their businesses.

Speaking about how brands can leverage Sharechat and Moj using WhatsApp forwards for marketing, he says. “We are now offering shares of monetization. Today, about 10 million people come to Sharechat every day and consume content which may range from good morning messages to shayari to husband-wife jokes or whatever they like; they actually do a one-click share on their WhatsApp groups.

"This is being done by 10 million people about two to three times every day. Now, if all messages that are going out there from Sharechat to WhatsApp, you could have your brand slapped at the bottom of it either in the form of GiF or a banner or a six-second pre-roll video, this becomes the world’s only way to advertise on WhatsApp.”

Jain also spoke about the content creator ecosystem that they provide and how marketers can make the most of it. He talked about how regional influencers are on the rise now as more people want to consume content in their own native languages. He said Sharechat provides an abundance of regional creators on the platform itself to make the most of for marketers and says, “Now imagine leveraging those influencers as a one-stop shop for your next marketing campaign. This means you don’t have to engage with any other influencer agency and you do not have to engage with a creative agency, that would work on your creative ideation. We are invested in teams and processes on Sharechat wherein we work with you right from creative ideation to hashtags to jingles to influencers, giving you the choice to choose from a list, and going all the way to ensure that that campaign delivers 100 million 200 million or 500 million views.”

Lastly, he said, “Sharechat and Moj today have 32.5 crore people on a monthly basis. These are engaged users coming to our app and spending upwards of 30 minutes every day. There is a native language revolution happening in the country today we have incremental use that you will not find on any other platform. Short Form videos have taken over the world and India is no exception.”

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