Digital Wearables: Emerging Designers In The Metaverse

NOV 09, 2022

With the steady rise of blockchain technology, different types of genres have started to enter the scene. From sports, arts, aesthetics, and now fashion. Digitally-native brands are currently embracing the power of Web3 and aim to solve problems within the fashion industry using blockchain and NFTs.

In this article, we'll take a look at some fashion designer brands that are embracing the Web3 scene. These insights will help you understand how the future would look where fashion and blockchain will compensate for each other.


AMBUSH design began as a jewelry line with experimental designs that took inspiration from pop art. The distinct Tokyo aesthetic was captured in iconic trademarked motifs, such as POW!, which received media coverage from around the world. Apparel was created to complete the story and AMBUSH evolved into designing unisex collections.

This brand made its Paris debut in 2015 and has been listed as one of Business of Fashion's Top 500 people influencing the global fashion industry for 5 consecutive years since 2015, and HYPEBEAST 100 list for 8 consecutive years.

AMBUSH has also recently partnered with blue-chip NFT - Azuki which is inspired by traditional Eastern style craftsmanship, minimalistic design, and a Web3 culture. ?

?This collaboration aims to boost the NFT with fashion designs of different subcultures & Web3 technology via the lens of fashion.


Diverge believes that fashion should not be limited to the physical world. Diverge is a Metaverse fashion brand and ecosystem dedicated to creating high-end wearables and experiences for virtual realities. The project designed fashionable, iconic wearable, and collectible NFTs that have utility across various Metaverse platforms.

Whether you are just beginning your Metaverse journey or are looking to upgrade your style, Diverge is a pioneer in the fashion NFT industry.

The team has collective experience in the fashion industry, with a goal in the future to bring more exciting wearables to dress up your avatar than picking your outfit in the physical world. Having this vision in mind, their team is driven to bring the high-fashion aesthetic into the Web3 space. ?

?Diverge also plans to reshape the fashion industry and bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, with their recent announcement comprising a collaboration with Sinead Gorey, a London-based fashion brand that has been used by artists such as Miley Cyrus, Sita Bellan, Cardi B, and many more.

This project will have a free mint with a total of 3,210 NFT collectibles.

Tokyo White International

Tokyo White Intl is a luxurious, sustainable clothing & lifestyle brand with forward-thinking visions to meet the needs of our planet and its people. The project already has a ready-made 3D metaverse house where you can create and customize an avatar.

Fashionistas can also move to areas where they proudly display their various types of fashion designs divided into different NFT collections. ?

Open and Modern space by @kubleag Excellent Vibes ????
.#tokyowhite #NFTCommunity #web3 #metaverse #3dart #modern #3Dartist

— Tokyo White International (@TokyoWhiteInt) November 6, 2022

?The brand has been vocal in spreading fashion through blockchain technology, participating in the 2022 New York Digital Fashion Week. Metaverse Fashion Week is a curated fashion tech expo that celebrates the voice of design leaders at the vanguard of artistic, creative technologies influencing the future of the fashion industry.


With REMX.XYZ, anyone can become an NFT creator. REMX.XYZ serves as an all-in-one platform for 3D models, generative art, augmented reality, smart contracts, and NFT creation.

Artists can easily begin creating these metaverse fashion designs directly on the platform and create NFTs out of their finished creations. By simply inputting directions such as the palette colors, REMX.XYZ will automatically take care of the rest of the creative processes for you. ?

?By enabling anyone with a creative desire to design their own 3D digital fashion NFTs and receive an income from their work, REMX.XYZ could potentially democratize the entire industry and allow for a much more diverse set of fashion designs to be created and shared with the world.

These digital designs can also become physical items. For example, 'REKT Deck' is the first digital skateboard on the platform that is paired with a physical skateboard to match. One lucky collector will have both the digital and physical skateboards, and it supports the artists (in this case, Casey Rickey).

By bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, REMX.XYZ is bringing an entirely new level of creativity to fashion.

Katsu Society

Katsu Society is a virtual fashion brand founded by designer and blockchain enthusiast Katsu Kimura. Their emphasis on creating digital wearables for avatars in virtual worlds has allowed them to gain attention from various metaverse communities, including Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.

Katsu Society is a fashion brand that aims to bridge streetwear fashion into the metaverse. They recently sold out 750 Fashion NFTs on the Solana Network last April 2022. ?

?The project's roadmap briefly discusses their future plans, including creating a Metamall NFT fashion marketplace in different metaverses, more NFT partnerships, and the upcoming 2nd Generation NFT Collection drop.

Closing Remarks

Fashion is no longer bound to the physical realm. As the metaverse develops, expression needs leaders and artists to design what people will be wearing in this new world. These are only a few of the many brands, projects, and platforms that are currently leading the way in the digital wearables industry.

The metaverse promises a limitless creative canvas for designers to experiment with and the potential for fashion to be experienced in entirely new ways. Exciting times are ahead for those who are interested in pushing the boundaries of fashion and design.

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