VR Time Travel Takes You to 1920s Berlin

SEP 19, 2021


What was Berlin like a century ago? A VR time travel takes you to Berlin’s Roaring Twenties.

Dubbed 20s.BERLIN, this VR time travel takes you on a journey into the lively capital of Weimar Germany, the Roaring Twenties of the capital of Germany a century ago. VR users are transported to Pariser Platz, a square located in the historic center of Berlin, where they are received by a newspaper boy “Tiger”.

As a real Berliner, Tiger not only has the latest headlines ready for you, he also knows a lot about the world and is ready to serve the latest gossip, reads an announcement in this time travel attraction.

Visitors in 20s.BERLIN can explore the area around the Brandenburg Gate together with the newspaper boy or on their own. You see the traffic roaring through the Brandenburg Gate, past the Hotel Adlon as well as along the Unter den Linden towards Alexanderplatz. You see the gigantic Graf Zeppelin floating in the sky and you meet celebrities who were actually in the 1920s Berlin.

20s BERLIN VR Experience

20s BERLIN VR Experience

The experience was developed by the startup Timetravel Berlin. The developers’ reconstruction of the Pariser Platz was historically accurate and took over two years to accomplish.

Every building in 20s.BERLIN corresponds to the documented original including details such as film posters, newspaper headlines, vehicles, as well as the scenes and incidents which go beyond the mere everyday occurrences and which are closely based on the historical sources.

The VR attraction comes as a mobile VR station that is built around an advertising column. The VR attraction makes the first stop in Berlin’s East Side Mall where it will be open for three months from October 2nd.

Pariser Platz was reconstructed based on the architectural plans

Pariser Platz was reconstructed based on the architectural plans

On the one hand, visitors move artificially across Pariser Platz by jumping to marked points with the controllers and, on the other hand, they move physically within the boundaries of the VR station. The experience is available on Oculus Quest 2.

Timetravel Berlin is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and has also received financial support from Epic Games for the project. The startup is currently working on other VR time travel experiences.

Tickets for 20s.BERLIN are now available on the official website. Ticket prices vary according to the duration of the experiences. 20s.BERLIN is also scheduled to appear on Steam.

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