Top 10 Programming Languages for Open Source Projects in 2021

DEC 06, 2021

The advancement in technology has seen a massive impact in almost all sectors of the economy. The world is getting smarter with every passing day as a result of automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. A point worth a mention is that programming forms the base of all this. A point worth a mention is that tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. are rapidly adopting open-source projects of their own. Today, the majority of the commercial applications are being developed by open-source programming languages. On that note, have a look at the top 10 programming languages for open source projects in 2021.


The list starting with JavaScript doesn’t seem to surprise anyone. It finds itself among the most modern programming languages of open-source programming languages that have acquainted massive growth. Furthermore, it stands the potential of being used as both front-end and back-end programming language in open-source projects.


Netflix, Twitter, Google, you name it and you learn how extensively organizations make use of Java as an open-source programming language. Java allows the user to create database software, web applications, and mobile applications. Accessing the essential components is easier than ever when dealing with Java.


Considered to be one of the most sought-after programming languages for data science and artificial intelligence applications, Python continues to be amongst the best contributors in the development world. This open-source programming language boasts handy third-party libraries.


PHP, one of the most widely used open-source programming languages, has fuelled almost all modern websites. Its dynamic capabilities that blend accurately with database manipulation features are something that cannot go out of mention. It is simple, flexible, fast, secure and platform-independent – all at the same time.


C++ has gained attention for being a simple, yet powerful open-source programming language that is widely used in developing performance-oriented applications. Its high performance, reliability, provision of generic frameworks and libraries are a few reasons why C++ as an open-source programming language is highly popular.


Swift, though quite a new player in the market, when compared to Java and Python, hasn’t failed to impress in any way. It has gained immense popularity in the modern iOS application development space. Also, its ability to provide convenience to the developers is yet another reason why it finds a position in the list of the top open-source programming languages.


R is considered to be ideal for ad-hoc analysis where the prime objective is to explore large datasets. In addition to Python, R is highly popular among data scientists. This language has a stronger object-oriented feature as well as the ability to solve redundant graphics programming. This interpreted programming language facilitates procedural programming, captures the right model of data through various tools and boasts of an effective data handling and storage facility.


C# is considered to be an ideal programming language for game development, as well as the creation of Windows programs, server-side applications. Some features of this open-source programming language that make it stand apart from the rest include quicker compilation, efficient programming, and scalability.


This highly dynamic and object-oriented language has been the backbone of some of the most powerful web applications. This object-oriented, interpreted, and dynamic language is similar to Python in many aspects. Ruby is the backbone for famous modern web apps like Airbnb, Github, Fiverr, etc. All in all, this programming language can emerge out to be a huge asset for big open source projects.


Scalable language (Scala) boasts of both functional and objective programming. This feature, it reduces system bugs during system designs and development. This high-level, multi-paradigm programming language supports the functional programming approach.

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