Shopping Experience with Augmented Reality Technology at Istanbul Airport

APR 16, 2022

IGA Istanbul Airport, a global transfer center in the first year of its opening with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, introduced Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which accompanies passengers in the International Shopping area and provides information about the stores.

Focusing on improving its services day by day by putting the needs of its passengers at the center, IGA Istanbul Airport has implemented Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which is called "real world" technology that places an object in a virtual and 3D space, and allows users to see an object that is not where they are looking in the real world. spent.

The CIGA character, which accompanies the passengers in the International Bosphorus area of ??IGA Istanbul Airport, provides information about the stores and gives directions, offers campaign offers as well as taking the passengers on a tour among the stores.

Passengers can access the system through the AR tab after logging into the Istanbul Airport application. When the CIGA character approaches the stores, the relevant store name appears as a pop-up and when the store name is clicked, the details about the store are listed.

Aiming to transform the time spent at Istanbul Airport into a unique experience, IGA provides its passengers with campaign offers and discount codes from contracted stores, thanks to AR technology. Thus, passengers can find the opportunity to benefit from discounts while visiting the stores with the CIGA character.

While IGA Istanbul Airport undertakes the mission of pioneering innovative technological developments, thanks to the AR technology used at an airport for the first time in Turkey, it also adds a new dimension to the shopping experience. kazanyelling.

Technological shopping period begins at IGA Istanbul Airport…

Ersin Inankul, Deputy General Manager of IGA Digital Services and Trade, said, “The shopping to be realized using Augmented Reality (AR) technology is extremely important as it is the first step in the digitalization of commerce at IGA Istanbul Airport. Together with our technological infrastructure, our wide scale that diversifies the service and shopping we offer to our passengers, we are excited to implement a new application we have made to improve the trade at our airport. Our passengers will now be able to follow the dynamic campaigns and discount codes at IGA Istanbul Airport with AR technology. This Marketplace, which we have created using AR technology, will not only provide comfort for the shopping pleasure of the passengers traveling from our airport, but also will offer a quick and easy shopping pleasure.