Pokémon GO teases Galarian Slowking for Halloween 2021 event

OCT 09, 2021

Pokémon GO's official Twitter posted a tease that seems to indicate Galarian Slowking will soon be joining the augmented reality mobile title.

A new tease from Pokémon GO seems to indicate that Galarian Slowking will make its debut in the game during the 2021 Halloween season. The augmented reality mobile title is taking part in two major milestones this year by simultaneously celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the game itself as well as the 25-year anniversary of the entire Pokémon brand.

Earlier this year, Niantic introduced Galarain Slowpoke to Pokémon GO as well as one of its evolved forms, Galarian Slowbro. Noticeably absent, however, was the other evolved form for the poison and physic type Pokémon, as the developer seemed to saving it for a special occasion. Now it appears that occasion will soon be here for the Pokémon GO community.

Pokémon GO teased on Twitter the arrival of Galarian Slowpoke with an image of what appears to be the Pokémon's silhouette. Along with the dark image, the post plays up the Halloween aesthetic by saying that there are "reports of mysterious chanting deep in the wild." Galarian Slowpoke's inclusion was not part of the many October additions to Pokémon GO that were revealed before the start of the month, but it makes sense that Niantic would save some surprises in the spirit of the season. Currently there is no official confirmation, or a specified release date for when this debut will take place.

Beyond the usual monthly Pokémon GO events, such as the community day, which features Duskull this October, Niantic has a lot of other content already planned. This includes certain Pokémon appearing more frequently in raids, and the usual Halloween festivities in the latter half of the month, featuring costumed Pokémon to celebrate the season. Currently it is unknown if Galarian Slowking's arrival will be its own unique event or if it will somehow be incorporated into one of the other pieces of content the developer has scheduled.

Even with the 5-year anniversary date past and 2021 nearing its end, Niantic seems to be ramping up the amount of content available in Pokémon GO. Not only that, but the developer has already announced some of its big plans for 2022, including an official Pokémon GO Championship Series. Compared to some of these more massive events, Galarian Slowking's addition may seem insignificant, especially since Niantic did not make the inclusion known sooner. However, there is always a possibility that the developer has something special planned for the creature's reveal. Players might be inclined to think so because of the cryptic nature of the tease. Only time will tell just how unique Galarian Slowking's addition to Pokémon GO will be.