How to choose the right data science course?

OCT 13, 2021

Here is how to choose the right data science course for you

Data technology has progressed at a rapid rate over the years. It is now the backbone of many businesses in a number of industries. Many individuals want to be data scientists, but it’s vital to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the field. Many professionals are attending data science training to keep up with the latest developments in the industry and to learn how to handle challenges. Here are a few things you should know before registering for data science courses that can help you get a job.

Industry-ready Updated Curriculum

A data scientist is well-versed in statistics, ML, computer science, and programming languages such as Python. To understand more about the area and data science training, it is usually a good idea to contact individuals in your domain. People with past data science expertise can assist you in selecting a more appropriate data science curriculum, that may be based on market trends.

Practical Sessions

Although theoretical understanding of the subject is required to grasp the core concepts, a person cannot become a data scientist without a practical understanding of the concepts. A solid data science training program guarantees that students have the necessary practical expertise to tackle real-world problems. You may choose from a variety of online and offline courses, based on your preferences.

Trainer or Mentor Experience

Assessing your mentor’s or trainer’s expertise ahead of time is critical for obtaining the relevant industry knowledge. Choose a course with mentors who have extensive professional expertise in the subject. Make sure you do your homework.

Placement Reviews

When you enroll in a study program at a reputable school, one of the most important expectations you have is that you will be placed in a decent company. Not all organizations, therefore, follow through on their promises. Some reputable colleges in India, such as Jigsaw Academy, provide data science courses and have a strong placement record. Make sure you complete your homework before enrolling to an institute or enrolling in a program.

Alumni Reviews

It is the most efficient approach to learn more about a course and its procedure from an institute’s alumni because they have the most in-depth knowledge. If you contact them, inquire about their research’s placement history, mentor experience, course specifics, curriculum application ratio, and learning method. If you are not pleased with the institute’s placement, inquire about future prospects in the world of data science to explore career choices.

Why Study Data Science?

As a data scientist, you assist in the analysis of the massive volumes of data generated by modern society. A severe lack of data scientists is currently posing a major restriction in several industries. People like you are needed in fields such as business, healthcare, energy, intelligence, government, and security, and logistics. Furthermore, because data science has such a wide range of applications, you can work in a sector that interests you.

Because of data, all jobs are transforming. Without any expertise in data science, becoming management, radiologist, or marketing in five years will be extremely difficult.

Best Online Data Science Courses

#1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM offers the first program on this list. When it comes to technological advancement, IBM has always been at the forefront; they have always had excellent teams and resources that people can utilize to study various sorts of technology, including web development, application development, and even quantum computing.

#2. Harvard Data Science Professional Certificate

The following certificate program is offered by Harvard University. Harvard is one of the most renowned institutions in the world, and while not everyone is eligible to go, anybody with an inquisitive mind may enroll in this course and receive a Harvard credential.

#3. John Hopkins Data Science Course

John Hopkins University provides a 10-course data specialty program that covers all you need to know about being a data scientist, from the fundamentals of programming with the R-programming language through machine learning techniques.

#4. University of Michigan Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

If you’re interested in learning more about data science, specifically natural language processing, the University of Michigan has a fantastic 5-course curriculum that focuses on the practical elements of the field.

#5. Dataquest Data Scientist Career Path

The data scientist job path from Dataquest is the last collection of courses on this list. Dataquest is arguably one of the most well-known online resources for all things data science; whether you choose to study R or Python, the website offers courses for all skill levels.

The Rise of Data and Data Scientists

Organizations are taking a giant stride ahead in data use in order to get the most out of their investments. Every field has the same challenge: attracting and retaining qualified individuals.

Data is driving key segments of every business, and the big data industry will only continue to develop in the coming years. Data Science Online Training programs provide the ease of learning skills while sitting at home, which is particularly beneficial for those who cannot afford a high-cost on-campus education. The curriculum will teach you the fundamentals and advanced ideas that are employed in current industry practices and will keep you up to date on future developments. Data Science Training enables you to stay one step ahead of the pack in this profession.


It may appear that becoming a data scientist is a difficult undertaking. To be absolutely honest, it is not simple; it will require time, practice, patience, and endurance, just like any other learning experience. A degree, on the other hand, will not be required.

There are so many resources accessible online to study data science that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in your search for the one that would work the best for you.