How Digital Twins Are Changing Supply Chains

APR 06, 2022

Public and private sector organizations alike are investing in digital twin modeling and simulation technology to address tough challenges in today’s supply chain crisis as the federal government sharpens its focus on the issue.

In March 2022, the Biden administration launched its Freight Logistics Optimization Works initiative, which ultimately aims to address supply chain congestion and speed up the movement of goods while lowering costs for consumers.

In a statement, the White House applauded recent generational investments in the United States’ physical infrastructure through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and added that “we can further strengthen our goods movement supply chains by making a similarly bold improvement in a digital infrastructure to connect the supply chain.”

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Now, large companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google are using digital twins to replicate their supply chains and better understand the impacts that various factors can have on them.

Google Cloud, for example, introduced its Supply Chain Twin in September 2021 to help companies build a virtual copy of their supply chains. Hans Thalbauer, managing director for global supply chain, logistics and transportation at Google Cloud, said his company’s offering provides customers with a comprehensive look at their supply chains in real-time.

“You model all the different locations of your enterprise. Then you model all your suppliers, not just the tier one but tier two, three, and four. You bring in the logistic service providers. You bring in manufacturing partners. You bring in customers and consumers so that you have really the full view,” Thalbauer said.

From there, the enterprise loads its data, and that of its business partners, into the digital twin to begin sharing information with its service providers and support improved decision making capabilities.

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Brig. Gen. Heath Collins, program executive officer for weapons at the Department of the Air Force, is scheduled to keynote the event to detail how his service branch is leveraging digital twins today and give a glimpse into the role the technology plays in the battles of the future.