Blockchain, an emerging career path for students

NOV 29, 2021

Neelu Jyoti Ahuja

Blockchain is the latest technology that is changing the landscape of business and the economy. For instance, blockchain technology is responsible for changing the face of finance industry in many ways. It streamlines all the functions associated with asset management and payments. This eliminates the need for intermediaries or brokers and ensures effective management of transactional data. This revolutionary technology is helpful in many industries such as banks, insurance, hospitality, retail, health and pharmaceutical industries. Blockchains have the potential to replace many trusted third parties (notaries, banking trades and land registry) by distributed computer systems.

As the world gradually adapts to being more digitally enabled, it has become important for institutions to adapt to new aspects of education. Blockchain is one such prospect which has a variety of applications in the modern world and plenty of career opportunities for the interest. Therefore, to understand the applications of blockchain technology and how it may be aligned with the future of work, both institutions as well as students must familiarize themselves with different types of blockchain in existence and how they are currently being used.

As the demand for Blockchain continues to soar with passing time, listed below are five booming career prospects in this field:

1. Blockchain Developer: With the field of Blockchain gradually gaining traction in the market, the career prospect of an experienced Blockchain developer is on track to become one of the most in-demand jobs in future. Therefore, a programmer with excellent analytical skills and mastery in Programming languages can easily scoop up a job in this role.

2. Blockchain Solution Architect: Designing, developing and integrating a complete blockchain solution is an emerging need of the industry today. This necessitates role of a Blockchain Solution Architect, who needs to work together with team of programmers, network administrators, and user interface designers, to render complete workable solution for several industry use cases.

3. Blockchain Quality Engineer: A Blockchain Quality Engineer is an important and extremely valuable member in today’s time. As research, strategy planning and quality management form the crucial aspects of this role, an individual with experience in engineering and management studies could be well-suited to become a Blockchain Quality Engineer.

4. Blockchain UX Designer: In the highly virtual world of present, Design has emerged to be one of the top career fields preferred by aspirants. Therefore, the role of Blockchain UX Designer, where the designer shapes the user experience for an interface, has turned out to be almost indispensable.

5. Cryptocurrency Community Manager: As cryptocurrency has taken the interest of the big leagues and the ever-growing job market, a Cryptocurrency Community Manager establishes vital connection and interaction between the market and clients involved. Therefore, as the Crypto market accelerates amongst the people, this job role will also continue to gather similar momentum.

6. Legal Consultants: Legal consultations have become a necessity in almost every field and therefore, in Blockchain as well, the need for legal expertise is particularly essential. With the involvement of investment, crypto, finance and other technical particularities in play, the role of a Blockchain Legal Consultant has become an absolute essential in the well-functioning of an organisation.