Authenticity of vaccination certificates, digital residency and other blockchain initiatives

FEB 12, 2022

Zuelling Pharma Integrates Blockchain for COVID-19 Certificate Authentication

Singapore-based healthcare provider Zuelling Pharma will implement a system eZTracker blockchain for instant authentication of COVID-19 vaccination certificates. This is reported by SCMP.

In addition to authenticity, healthcare professionals and certifiers can also check vaccination history and records.

The company believes this will help prevent accidents related to expired, counterfeit, and mishandled medications.

Philippine bank ADB to launch blockchain securities trading system

Philippine Asian Development Bank (ADB) announces work on international blockchain securities trading project in cooperation with leading companies in the sector.

ADB intends to bring together central banks and securities depositories from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to interact directly, reduce transaction costs and eliminate the risk of miscalculations.

The initiative is also designed to accelerate cross-border securities transactions in the region, which are processed through an international network of custodians, pass through the US or Europe and take up to several days.

Palau to Launch Blockchain-Based Digital Residency

The Pacific island nation of the Republic of Palau has announced the launch of a blockchain-based Root Name System (RNS) digital residency program.

The initiative is being developed in collaboration with Cryptic Labs. The system will allow obtaining an identity card on the blockchain and the status of a resident of Palau, a postal address, delivery services and verification of a digital signature.

Each RNS member will be able to choose the personal data they are willing to share with others. Once the application is approved, Palau's digital resident will also receive a digital version of the ID in the form of an NFT.

Alfa Romeo integrates blockchain into the vehicle for lifecycle tracking

Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo has unveiled the new Tonale SUV using NFT, which will record the car's life cycle on the blockchain.

According to Francesco Calcara, head of global marketing at the company, with the permission of the client, NFT will record data about the Tonale and generate a certificate to use as a “guarantee of the general condition of the car.”

The blockchain will also store service history, accident information, SUV breakdowns and repairs. The initiative is aimed at increasing the resale value of a car.

Moscow will open access to blockchain voting data to all citizens

Head of the Department for the Improvement of Territorial Administration and the Development of Smart projects of the Moscow government Artem Kostyrko announced an improvement in the service for monitoring blockchain voting in the capital of the Russian Federation.

According to the official, the toolkit will allow any citizen to become an electronic observer. After deciphering and publishing the voting results, those who wish will be able to independently verify their correctness.

Kostyrko claims that expanding the circle of observers at the expense of ordinary citizens will become “an additional guarantee of honesty and transparency of the elections.”

By Natasha Kumar

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