JAN 21, 2022

Businesses have recently realised the benefit of extracting important insights from enormous swaths of raw data. As a result, the lot of corporations entering the data analytics field has risen, with some of them making a lasting effect via their work and indeed the potential they possess. Here is the list of a few such big data start-ups.


Avaamo Technologies Private Limited (AVAAMO) was founded in the year 2014. The firm is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. This AI firm offers a cloud-based solution for managing communicative AI again for the rest of your life. This data start-up is another of those deep-learning software businesses that use voice recognition to address specific concerns in the face of growing corporate difficulties. It’s an AI start-up from India that will surely rule the Indian housing market in shortly near future.

Actify Data

The founding team recognised that using AI’s capability required enabling data easier and quicker to apply. This prompted them to develop an agile data journey, which offers benefit from data in under 90 days. With its platform ADAPTify and dedicated digital lab, the firm helps businesses harness the potential of data. The company offers information exchange, unstructured database administration, explainable machine learning models, and model deployment as part of its end-to-end data platform. Textual and visual data, and also streaming data, are all used.


This AI business is a major AI and information agritech company that uses machine learning to give services and solutions to farmers across the world. This AI start-up helps farmers deal with issues like climate change, soil deterioration, and financial difficulties, among others. CropIn’s sales in 2021 were estimated to be approximately $27 million. It’s one of India’s greatest promising AI startups, having the potential to quickly dominate the Local home market.

Amalgo Labs

Ajay Yadav, the founder of the company, has almost 12 years of expertise developing data and analytics, machine learning, and regulatory technology solutions for worldwide corporations. It thinks that data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can help address problems in a variety of businesses. It has been trying to enhance businesses by offering insights and making intelligent data-driven decisions with this objective in mind. The company creates unique thoughts and solutions to provide organisations with an edge, as well as assist in the execution of successful decision-making processes.


Ex-Googlers with much more than 40 years of expertise in consumer internet, business software, including ad tech products formed the company. Customer assessments, the company believes, include a great deal of information about just what consumers like and hate, as well as what is important to them. Customers have no idea why a product got a good review, and corporations have no idea why items sell. In order to overcome these concerns, Bewgle was founded.


The firm was founded by engineers Prukalpa Sankar and Varun Banka, both of whom have substantial experience in data science innovation. While India’s national statistics platform was being constructed, the firm was created. After then, it was put to the test on over 200 data projects. During this time, the team created a variety of data tools that were eventually made accessible to the rest of the globe, and the company was founded for commercial purposes.


Sudhakar Balakrishnan and Mehul Desai, the company’s co-founders, have extensive experience in data analytics and business intelligence. The goal of setting up was to give clients creative solutions that would allow them to spend less time hunting for answers and much more time making strategic decisions. Today, the startup assists them in managing data from capture through analysis. The firm, which is led through strategic alliances, focuses on platform-based products for data-driven businesses.

Kyvos Insights

A team of Yahoo!, Impetus, and Intellicus Technologies veterans formed Kyvos Insights. Organizations are trying to consume and use data as it grows by the day in order to make efficient data-driven business choices. Kyvos was created specifically for this purpose. The company has developed a BI accelerating layer that allows existing tools to be supercharged and provide insights at any size.


RavitejaDodda and Yashwanth Kumar, both IIT Kharagpur grads, founded the company. It combines both data and user engagement demands of a brand to generate actionable insights with Intelligence automation and optimization capabilities. With MoEngage, a service that enables business owners to engage and keep their consumers, the founders created a unique opportunity in the rise of mobile penetration and developed a fast-growing worldwide business.

Marax AI

Prateek Gupta, Raman Shrivatsava, and SumantSubrahmanya, the startup’s co-founders, have a combined background in game design, artificial intelligence, user retention, and product design. Marax AI was founded with the express purpose of encouraging user habit-building through personalised reward loops while taking into account commercial restrictions such as money. This feature provides the end-user with a customised user interface. It encourages users to execute important tasks in exchange for a dynamic incentive. The tailored reward loops are completed by a combination of additional activities, which helps users build long-term habits.