5 play-to-earn blockchain games with strong social sentiment this week

OCT 20, 2021

As blockchain gaming remains one of the hottest trends in crypto, it is crucial to keep tabs on new and upcoming games. Several play-to-earn games note a strong social activity lately, making them worth exploring. But, of course, always do your own research before investing in a coin’s native token to begin playing.


It isn’t entirely surprising to see a play-to-earn game focused on fish come to market. However, it doesn’t always have to be monsters or other fantasy creatures. CoinToFish is all about feeding your fish, making them more robust, and increasing one’s earnings. Players can fish in the sea and acquire new fish or other prizes. The game has a guild system to help players improve their rewards. Additionally, there is a staking and daily rewards system to incentivize players to come back.

Along With The Gods

As a fantasy play-to-earn game focusing on turn-based action with RPG elements, Along With The Gods provides numerous customization options. Players can build a team of Heroes spanning up to five classes, each with unique characteristics, skills, and abilities. The goal is to collect Heroes and Power-up Runes to level existing roster members. Players will square off against other powerful Heroes in the Arena, or they can engage in exploration, boss aids, heroic dungeons, investigations, and much more. Leveling up rewards access to more content and better rewards.


Pet-based blockchain games often do well, as they provide something for competitive players and collectors alike. Players can collect adorable limited and rare dragons and use them to play games. Users will earn rewards while playing, which can be traded on the market or used to breed more dragons. The game is free-to-play and supports play-to-earn, making it a more accessible solution than other blockchain gaming options.


It is interesting to see play-to-earn games go off-chain, although Eutaria seems to get much attention because of it. The off-chain RPG game lets players earn BNB without having to worry about gas fees. Players can trade on marketplaces, explore caverns, visit taverns, breed Eutarians, benefit from the in-game scholarship, and much more. It does not support NFTs, however, which may be a bit of a drawback to some.


This arcade-ish play-to-earn game focuses on the concept popularized by Bomber Man. The game runs on the Binance Smart Chain and lets players buy or collect Bomber hero NFTs for auto-mining, earning them BCOIN tokens. It is not a free-to-play game, but there are various game options to explore. Whether one prefers adventure, arena battle, or hero management, all the options are at your disposal.

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