With machine learning, Facebook can now predict the future

OCT 16, 2021


Predicting future? Mmmmmm. With help from Facebook? Major mmmm! On Wednesday, Facebook unveiled its latest machine learning process called "Anticipative Video Transformer" or AVT. The AVT, Facebook claims, is able to predict future actions by using visual interpretation.

Being perceived as a small wheel of Facebook's larger vehicle for Augmented Reality (AR) or the metaverse, the AVT analyses an activity to show the potential result.

What is in the future? Facebook decides

According to the company, the technology has a series of applications. The company, in a post claimed that AVT may be used as an AR "action coach" or as an artificial intelligence assistant. Essentially, the tool would warn people before they commit mistakes in time. Not just that, it would also chart out a course correction path for the person to follow.

Machine learning

Facebook gives an example. In case you were about to pick up a hot pan, the AVT would warn the person based on their past interactions with the pan.

If solid, the technology could truly help humans realize their dreams of having "smart homes" that go beyond bulbs and talking assistants like Alexa and Google Now.

Facebook hopes to help people in different setting using AVT including workspaces. With AR glasses, the tech could truly change how we interact with objects in our physical spaces.

Facebook's "three losses"

The social media giant explained the future-predicting processes which is based on the principle of "three losses". "First, we classify the features in the last frame of a video clip in order to predict labelled future action; second, we regress the intermediate frame feature to the features of the succeeding frames, which trains the model to predict what comes next; third, we train the model to classify intermediate actions", Facebook claimed.


Essentially, Facebook uses your past and current actions to tell you the best thing to do in the future. Facebook claims that its model is able to predict the future about 10-30 per cent better than other similar models.

While Facebook has been under fire recently over whistle-blowers, privacy concerns and antitrust practices, this tech itself could minimise error in human lives - with far-reaching potential.

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