When blockchain will go mainstream in multi-trillion dollar mortgage sector

SEP 15, 2021

How Blockchain Works And When It'll Go Mainstream - Figure, Sagent, The Basis Point 2021-09

This post originally appeared on The Basis Point: When Blockchain Will Go Mainstream In Multi-Trillion Dollar Mortgage Sector

In 2021, the U.S. home mortgage industry will fund $3.6 trillion in new mortgages, and there are currently $11.8 trillion in home mortgage balances outstanding. Since 2016, fintech software has improved how consumers get loans, but the full borrower lifecycle is still clunky. The next five years is all about finishing the job, and mortgage blockchain will play a critical role.

How? That’s the topic of a killer HousingWire-hosted webinar Thu 9/16 I’m doing with Figure/Provenance (and SoFi) founder Mike Cagney and Sagent CEO Dan Sogorka.

We’ll cover how the Provenance Blockchain is quietly surpassing Ethereum in consumer lending activity, and how Figure — as a consumer-facing lender and payments firm — has been the proof point for putting consumer assets on the Provenance Blockchain.

We’ll also cover how the next phase of this progression is using Figure’s recent acquisition of $25 billion-per-year mortgage originator Homebridge will start to prove these blockchain concepts for mortgage origination.

And Dan, who’s spent his career running scale servicing and originations software platforms that power trillions in mortgages, will cover how to bring the same push-button, bank-on-your-phone experience consumers get in all other areas of their banking to mortgage servicing — this is critical because customers can stay in (and be cross-sold from) mortgage servicing for decades if banks and lenders can modernize the experience.

Below is the HousingWire webinar briefing and agenda.

Sign up even if you can’t listen live. It’ll be worth your time.

It’s already got enough registrants to fill a massive conference center, so it’s a good warmup for the live conference circuit this Fall — hope to see you there!

Comment below or hit me directly with questions. Also check back here soon, as I’ll go deeper on this topic in upcoming posts.


Mortgage blockchain disruption is already here, so it’s time to learn how blockchain works instead of saying it’s “a solution looking for a problem” in housing finance. This session will show you how blockchain works and when it’ll go mainstream, with practical applications across originations, servicing, and securitization. We’ll also cover how blockchain drives cost savings working within your tech stack. Disruption is slow at first, then sudden. So come learn how it will play out from top innovators building the path.

What you will learn:

– Blockchain 101, including a blockchain vs. crypto primer, which blockchains are disrupting finance the most right now and why, and which blockchain(s) are best positioned to serve mortgage and housing.

– Details on how consumer lending is already being done on blockchain, and what cost savings are resulting from origination through securitization.

– Roadmap for how blockchain will continue simplifying originations, servicing, and MSR trading in 2022.

Date & Time: September 16, 1 p.m. CT (if you can’t make this time, register and we’ll provide on demand!)


-Mike Cagney, Founder, Figure & Provenance
-Dan Sogorka, President & CEO, Sagent

-Julian Hebron, Founder, The Basis Point