US and China trade disputes are an opportunity. India could become the next tech hub

DEC 06, 2021

Bengaluru did not become a tech innovation hub overnight. It shows key policy changes that are required in India to foster an innovative ecosystem.

Global efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the perception of where innovation can take place and have resulted in the world seeing unprecedented levels of virtual collaboration and sharing of information across borders. However, various global economies are now looking within their borders to build resilient infrastructure and reduce dependence on external sources to avoid uncertainties. This shift in approach benefits countries like India that are working towards increasing their domestic production capabilities and welcoming more people to join their workforce.

A recent KPMG report on technology innovation hubs shows that Bengaluru ranks among the cities that are the leading technology innovation hubs in the world, and India as a nation ranks highly among the countries and jurisdictions that show the most promise for developing innovative technologies. The fact that India ranks high, while only a handful of Indian cities are similarly recognised, showcases its tremendous potential and room for growth.