Trends: Digital Twin Worlds Update Experiential Engagements

AUG 04, 2022

Exploring immersively twinned virtual models of the human experience across the past, future, and present can show us other ways of living, let us explore things that might have been or one-time were, and reveal new approaches to society that could eventually inform how we choose to exist within it.

First used a dozen or so years ago by NASA to assist in building complex spacecraft, digital twin technology is now coming back down to earth and disrupting the way consumers experience, well, everything.

Roblox has sights set on replicating the “feel” of the real world
Roblox considers itself a physics engine with a video game built around it. The company is continually updating so that its default materials interact with each other the same ways they would in reality (e.g. wood exposed to flame will catch fire, a car on a wet road will skid), creating more complex, emergent behavior in-game that’s focused on duplicating the “feel” of the real world, not merely its look. Roblox

Virtual worlds saved the tourism sector during the pandemic, now they’re here to stay
Combining AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR), virtual tourism offers travel experiences, without the need to travel, by digitally replicating popular attractions and experiences like seeing the Northern Lights or going on a safari. It has been widely adopted by countries whose economies are dependent on global tourism, as well as by hospitality platforms like AirBnB. Remote Tourism

Virtual gallery of stolen art rewrites history
Using virtual reality, a new museum called The Stolen Art Gallery is bringing long-lost masterpieces by famous painters like Rembrandt, Manet, Cézanne, van Gogh and Caravaggio back to public view for the first time since their respective thefts, recreating the works even down to the quality of paint on canvas. Press Release

Travel back in time to digitally visit Apple Store grand openings
An innovative, fully immersive virtual museum lets both hardcore and casual Apple fans explore the company’s most iconic store openings without the crowds, but full of the history. The interactive experience recreates historical product launches and in-store settings with lifelike detail and accuracy. Apple Store Time Machine

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