Toyota to apply artificial intelligence to boost efficiency in its factories

MAY 05, 2022

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) is partnering with Invisible AI to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) in its factories to enhance efficiency and safety.

The computer vision platform of the Texas-based company will be installed in 14 Toyota factories in North America. The AI will analyze manufacturing operations to detect any technical issues, revealing the invisible problems to the human eye and cameras and fixing them to improve processes' quality and safety.

According to Forbes, Toyota aims to apply computer vision technology to accurately review the assembly process and reduce the time to find inefficiencies.

Under the two-year agreement, Toyota factories will be equipped with a system consisting of 500 AI devices using NVIDIA processors and a high-resolution 3D camera to observe operations. Thus, Toyota will be able to analyze the processes in real-time, gaining insights from AI acquired data.

Privacy first

Totoya says the data gathered by AI will be analyzed in-house and won't be uploaded to the cloud or external storage. Invisible AI's system also does not have facial recognition, enabling the videos to be anonymized, reducing workers' privacy concerns.

The installation will commence this year with the Toyota Indiana factory receiving the 500 edge AI devices.

Image: Shutterstock

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