Top data engineering boot camps to attend in 2021

OCT 10, 2021

Data engineering is that one field that has made it into the list of the most sought-after professions across the globe. This makes people curious as to how does the magical world of data science look like. On that note, one of the best ways to dive into the data engineering field is via a bootcamp. This is because bootcamps serve as an excellent medium to sharpen one’s skill-set. Once you attend a good bootcamp for data engineering, you’d be in a position to analyse different data types and deliver results as and when required. With that being said, have a look at the top data engineering bootcamps to attend in 2021.

Data Science Dojo

Here, one can find online as well as in-person specialization. In-person training is held in select cities across the globe such as Atlanta, Austin, Bangalore, etc. However, considering the current situation of the pandemic, online classes alone are held. Though this bootcamp doesn’t promise the enrolled candidates of any employment assistance, but the certificate earned surely adds enormous value to your resume.

Data engineering boot camp training (using Python and PySpark)

This is a 5 day data engineering bootcamp wherein the focus is laid on data engineering skills like disseminating and repairing data with Python and Spark SQL. By the end of the course, you’d be able to build production-ready distributed data infrastructure. Right from defining data engineering, NumPy, Pandas, data visualisation to Apache Spark and Apache Airflow, this course got you covered.

Pipeline data engineering academy

This is a vast 12-week full-fledged data engineering bootcamp. One can either attend this online or opt for in-person assistance as per the convenience. Not one, not two but multiple areas such as logs, databases, 3rd party APIs, scraping, Google Analytics, ad-blocking, AWS, GCP, Azure, Python, and OS tools, such as Snowflake, SQS, Kinesis, PubSub, and Kafka are covered here. Well, there is more to this. The bootcamp students will learn principles of data warehousing and computation, such as dimension conformance, consolidation, indexing, distribution, partitioning, pre-computation, and query blueprints. All in all, this is worth every penny that you spend.

Jigsaw Labs

Yet another extensive boot camp that is loaded with knowledge is that of Jigsaw Labs. Here, the bootcamp students can enrol themselves for either a 24-week Data engineering Bootcamp or a 12-week Web development Bootcamp with Python or both, depending on preference. The students would be enlightened about backend programming (Python, SQL, Flask and testing), how to work with professional codebases, DevOps (AWS, Docker), and data pipelines (Pyspark, Airflow, Redshift, DBT) in the data engineering bootcamp. Yet another strong reason as to why enrolling for data engineering bootcamp at Jigsaw Labs makes sense is because the students are guaranteed a job. Of course, there are a set of conditions that have to be met to grab a job at any of the esteemed organizations, but a point to note is that the conditions aren’t that difficult to accomplish. Well, when the end result is your dream job, who wouldn’t mind putting in every possible effort?

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