Top 10 data engineering boot camps you can attend in 2021

OCT 10, 2021

Here is a glimpse of some of the best data engineering boot camps that you can attend this year!

Gaining valuable insights can help companies meet several business objectives. In recent years, with the advent of data science, data professionals generate large amounts of data to identify these insights and boost business growth. Data engineering is one of the main branches of data science, which involves professionals maintaining the data infrastructure that supports business applications. This article lists some of the best data engineering boot camps that will enhance your data skills.

• Data Engineering Career Track

In this course is provided by Springboard, the data engineering students will learn how to translate business needs into data infrastructure. The curriculum is designed to teach learners the framework, tools, and skills, that the world’s top technology companies demand. Topics include ETL, data pipelines, and other data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and data modeling.

• Data Engineer with Python

This track by Datacamp consists of 25 detailed courses that will teach the students how to build an effective data architecture, maintain large-scale systems, and streamline data processing. They will also learn how to create data engineering pipelines using languages like SQL, Scala, Shell, apart from Python. Upon completing the track, candidates will get a clear understanding of the skills that are required to grow their careers in this field.

• Become a Data Engineer: Nanodegree Program

Through this course by Udacity, the candidates will have access to a world of data engineering where they will learn how to build production-ready data infrastructure using Udacity’s data engineering program. They will learn how to data models, warehouses, and lakes, and understand how to efficiently handle large data sets and automate data pipelines.

• Jigsaw Labs’ Introduction to Data Engineering

Jigsaw Labs is offering a data engineering course that will enable the learners to maintain and deploy data-friendly platforms in 19 weeks. This curriculum is an amalgamation of the skills that data scientists and software engineers need to have. The knowledge obtained can be used to complete hands-on projects like creating interactive graphs and building a neural network from scratch.

• WeCloudData’s Data Engineering

WeCloudData offers a significant number of options for data enthusiasts, including those who are seeking instruction in data engineering. The curriculum is designed by data scientists and engineers, and industry hiring experts to help students gain practical, hands-on experience through client projects and other case studies.

• Coding Temple’s Data Engineering

Coding Temple’s Python+ Data boot camp is a 10-week full stack development course that is available online but also has headquarters in Chicago and Dallas. This course is integrated for a wide variety of audiences, even for those without any previous experience in data. The institute is currently running online due to the covid-19 pandemic.

• Metis’ Data Engineering Boot Camp

Metis’ data engineering boot camp includes all the essential elements that are required in the data science field, including SQL and Python programming. It also covers subjects like cloud computing, linear regression, and web scraping. The students will explore advanced coding techniques focusing on database systems and web development.

• Data Science Dojo’s Data Engineering

This institute is offering data engineering boot camps online, with utmost precision and dedication towards imparting knowledge about the technology. It is a 5-day online boot camp that focuses on specializing in data mining, creating data pipelines and models, as is required in big tech companies.

• Coursera’s Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

This data engineering program is offered by Google Cloud. The enrolled candidates will learn all the skills that are needed to become successful data engineers. They will learn how to process big data at scale for analytics and machine learning. There are 6 courses available in this camp that are designed to make the candidates adept in data engineering.

• Azure Data Engineer Technologies for Beginners

This is one of the best data engineering programs offered by Udemy. The candidates will learn to identify the right Azure SQL Server deployment options and will also learn how to deploy Azure synapse analytics in the Azure cloud environment.

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