Top 10 affordable countries to study data science

SEP 19, 2021

You can’t miss this list of countries if you are data science passionate and want to enhance your skills.

Data science is the trendiest and the most in-demand course to follow up in 2021. With millions of qubits of data produced every day, it is really important to cater to the number of data scientists and analysts to analyze, interpret, organize and distribute data. But more often than not in countries like the USA and UK, pursuing data science becomes really difficult to afford. So here we at Analytics Insight churned up the whole world’s universities and colleges and countries to bring to you the top 10 affordable countries to study data science in the world.


Before we move onto any other country, let’s not forget the fact that India has the most affordable data science courses with extremely dexterous teaching faculty and institutions starting from the IITs to several other private institutions.

The average cost of the course would be around 20,000 – 5,00,000 INR to get the best out of it.


Norway is known for its excellent education, the expectation for living comforts, and staggering regular magnificence. Best of all, colleges in Norway don’t charge any educational expenses. Indeed, it’s FREE; in any event, for global understudies.

There are 4 of Norway’s universities in the 2019 QS World University Rankings top 500. The most noteworthy position is the University of Oslo, which is positioned 135th. The following most elevated position is the University of Bergen, which is positioned at 171st.

The best Course: Data Science Masters – University of Oslo

Study Costs in Norway

  • Tuition Fees: FREE
  • Living Expenses: NOK 116,369 (appx. INR 9 – 10 Lacs) per year.


With regards to technologically progressed nations, Germany has for quite some time been a holy place for engineers. Its fame is improved by the way that it is home to numerous auto giants. German colleges are known for their review programs that are excellent for data science. Leading European colleges, for example, RWTH Munich, RWTH Aachen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and RWTH Berlin offer a wide scope of courses in software engineering and data science.

The best Course: Data Science Masters – Technical University Munich

Study Costs in Germany

  • Tuition Fees: EUR 125 – EUR 1,500 per semester | INR 20,000 – 2 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: EUR 650 – 800 per month | appx. INR 6.5 – 8 Lacs per year.


Switzerland is known for its watches, dependable banks, chocolates and cheddar, fantasy locations, completely clear lakes, and serene mountains. Notwithstanding, what many individuals probably won’t know is that Switzerland has additionally got one of the most outstanding schooling frameworks on the planet. The nation has gained notoriety for giving a solid pace of professional preparing and a significant degree of expertise variety.

Altogether there are 12 colleges in Switzerland and fewer science and examination explicit advanced education foundations. Eight of these colleges in the QS World University Rankings, with the most noteworthy being ETH Zurich, is positioned at number 10 that offers amazing courses for data science with an extremely good number of placements.

Master’s in Statistics and Data Science -University of Bern

Study Costs in Switzerland

  • Tuition Fees: CHF 500 – 2,000 per semester | INR 1.2 Lacs – 4 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: CHF 1,400 – 1,800 per month | INR 10 – 14 Lacs per year.


With a populace of just 5.5 million, Denmark punches well over its weight in schooling, positioning as one of the world’s most encouraging nations.

Generally, because of a solid accentuation on exploration and excellent training, Denmark’s inventive nature makes it an outstanding spot for your concentrate abroad. It’s likewise the ideal objective to allow you to develop as the most ideal individual, with extraordinary scenes to investigate and agreeable local people to become friends with. Denmark also focuses on practical education making it the best for real-time courses like data science.

The best Course: M.Sc. in Data Science – IT University of Copenhagen

Study Costs in Denmark

  • Tuition Fees: DKK 45,000 – DKK 120,000 per year | INR 4.5 Lacs to 12 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: DKK 6,000 – DKK 10,000 per month | INR 7.5 Lacs – INR 11 Lacs per year.


Renown as the official headquarters of the European Union, Belgium has long been considered the heart of Western Europe. It’s also the home of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), making it a political hub also making it a home for many data science professionals.

The best Course: Bachelor in Information Management and Multimedia – International Data Science, Protection & Security specialization – Thomas More University of Applied Sciences

Study Costs in Belgium

  • Tuition Fees: EUR 900 – EUR 4,000 per year | INR 70,000 – INR 3.5 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: EUR 700 – EUR 1,200 per month | INR 7 – 11 Lacs per year.


Italy draws in a few outsiders because of its social heritage, various scenes, noteworthy fortunes, and glorious cooking. What many individuals don’t know is that Italy likewise offers elite and affordable education as well.

The University of Bologna, established in 1088, is perceived as the most seasoned college to in any casework. Today, Italy is the home of numerous renowned foundations of advanced education. A considerable lot of Italy’s foundations perform well in the QS World University Rankings, showing up in the main 200 every year.

The best Course: Applied Data Science for Banking and Finance -Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Gavardo, Italy

Study Costs in Italy

  • Tuition Fees: EUR 900 – EUR 5,000 per year | INR 75,000 – 4 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: EUR 600 – 1,000 per month | INR 7 Lacs – 10 Lacs per year.


The colleges of Spain hold an extraordinary standing universally and give excellent advanced degrees at an entirely affordable expense, henceforth it’s a well-known decision for Indian and other degrees for data science.

The best Course: Data Science Masters – Harbour Space University

Study Costs in Spain

  • Tuition Fees: INR 50,000 – 3.6 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: INR 5.5 Lacs – INR 9.6 Lacs per year.


Poland comprising probably the most established colleges is known to be a reasonable European country, with a rich history and various great college degrees presented in the English language. For Indian understudies, it’s one of the favored instruction centers in light of its sensible living expense and different expenses (Food and Transport) related to it.

The best Course: Master in Data Science and Business Analytics – University of Warsaw

Study Costs in Poland

  • Tuition Fees: INR 2 – 4 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: INR 3 Lacs – 5 Lacs per year.


Estonia is a very small country with only around 1.3 million people residing there. They have an excellent quality education system which is also affordable compared to other countries for Indian students. The Estonian Universities are unique for their high-quality 100+ degree programs taught fully in English and also offer some amazing data science programs.

The best Course: Data Science Masters – University of Tartu

Study Costs in Estonia

  • Tuition Fees: EUR 2,000 – EUR 7,500 per year | INR 1.5 Lacs – 6 Lacs per year
  • Living Expenses: EUR 300 – EUR 500 per month | INR 2.8 Lacs – INR 4.8 Lacs per year.
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