The future of crypto is in our hands: Chris Okafor of Patricia speaks at the blockchain, crypto-arts, and the future of money event.

OCT 06, 2021

Patricia is fast becoming a household name in Africa, which is a welcome development for the brand that stays “doing the most” Patricia technologies, takes pride in the mission to make crypto easy for mankind.

On September 11th, 2021, Chris Izu Okafor, Patricia’s Chief Operating Officer at the Blockchain, Crypto-Arts, and the Future of Money which focused on the emerging trends of Blockchain-powered Decentralized Finance, NFTs, etc.

At this event, Patricia’s COO highlighted the business’s growth and its main strategy of using Crypto use cases to drive adoption across the globe.

In his words, “We see all of the possibilities, and it’s something we are actively preparing. encouraging more people to adopt crypto, creating more use cases. Preparing everyone for the smart contracts and the NFT space”.

Patricia remains committed to doing the absolute most for the crypto community. The next few years hold a lot of excitement and explosion of so many new exciting projects using Blockchain.

The major Bitcoin events this year only heralds the increase in adoption. Industrial players will accelerate innovation in this sector. The coming year will be even more explosive for the NFT space.

Patricia’s customer experience, design, and innovations are tailored around using convenience to drive adoption so as to prepare their users from now on for the future of Blockchain.

We acknowledge that Africa is still at its infancy in terms of development and we try not to bore users with a lot of the crypto lingo. We go local and use our technology and interactions to drive the message home.

Using Refill – A product that allows you globally buy airtime and pay for bills globally and this is the first way we are ensuring that moving from a speculative store of value most see it as today, it can now be used for everyday transactions.

In closing Chris had this to say, “in the end, these conversations we have here are what push the industry forward. We keep building here at Patricia and it’s beautiful”.

In creating a future of crypto, we need more disciples of the present, and that’s where everyone comes in.