The best games of 2022 (so far)

FEB 07, 2022

It's going to be a great year for gamers, and this list of the best games of 2022 will help you keep track of the absolute cream of the crop on every platform.

After a 2021 beset by pandemic delayed games and console shortages, it feels like 2022 will really be the time for PS5 and Xbox Series X to give us exclusive titles that make the most of their power. Nintendo Switch and PC platforms aren't slouching either, ready to compete with Microsoft and Sony at every step.

We use our own review scores to separate out the best games for every month of the year so far, and we update the list every month so you'll always know what you need to play next. Want to see what might make it on to the list next? Check all the new games of 2022 (and beyond) to get excited about.

January Game of the Month - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Best games of 2022 - Pokemon Legends Arceus

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
GamesRadar+ review score: 4.5 Stars

Pokemon Legends: Arceus makes the monsters the star, moving the focus from beating other trainers in gyms to the 'gotta catch 'em all' part of the tried-and-tested Pokemon formula. As you explore the setting of Hisui, you'll follow a story and NPCs will pop up with their own requests, rather than just wanting to bash in the faces of your Pokemon team for clout. The game isn't always as visually impressive as it could be, but with a richer narrative and lots to explore Pokemon Legends: Arceus really is otherwise the ultimate Pokemon fan experience.

January Game of the Month (Runner-up) - Rainbow Six Extraction

Best games of 2022 - Rainbow Six Extraction

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Platform(s): PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X
GamesRadar+ review score: 3.5 Stars

Rainbow Six Extraction is a horror take on the Rainbow Six Siege brand of PvE tactical shooter, sending you around the US to take on the Archaeans, parasitic alien beings who haven't come to Earth to sightsee. While it's lacking in some narrative depth and still feels a bit like a rushed version of Siege's Outbreak mode of 2018, there are moments of real horror and co-op craziness to enjoy. Rainbow Six Extraction has the potential to be something great, as long as Ubisoft delivers on its plan to keep adding to this new release.

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