Tesla’s new robot, Firefly's first launch explodes, and more Austin tech news

SEP 07, 2021


Here’s what happened last week in Austin tech.

Companies in the Austin tech sector are working to create the sci-fi future we’ve seen in movies. With a new rocket launch and plans to build a humanoid robot on the horizon, check out what else is happening in the Lone Star State. This is the Built in Austin weekly refresh.

Tesla scouts engineering talent for its new robot. The high-tech automotive company is stepping further into the future with plans to build a humanoid robot. Its AI-powered machine will be used to conduct unsafe or repetitive tasks. The company is currently only hiring one Austin-based engineer for the new product that will be powered by the same self-driving tech and autopilot cameras used in its cars. [Austin Inno]

Firefly attempted to launch its Alpha rocket into orbit. The Cedar Park-based aerospace company launched its Alpha rocket last week at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California with hopes of sending the rocket into orbit. Shortly after takeoff, the rocket exploded after reaching supersonic speed. A video of the launch can be found here at the one hour and 58 minute mark. [Austin Inno]

Bestow plans to triple its headcount. Offering users an AI-powered solution that helps them apply for a life insurance policy, the insurtech company is planning to expand after doubling its revenue over last year. Bestow signed a lease for a 20,000-square-foot office space where it hopes to accommodate the Austin-based members of its 200-person team, as well as more than 70 new hires later this year. [Built In Austin]

UT Austin teams up with football stars to launch an NFT collection. Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams announced the launch of The Campbell-Williams Field NFT Collection in collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin. The collection will feature limited-edition digital art by a diverse array of underrepresented artists. Some of the assets auctioned off will also include access to high-profile live events and memorabilia. [PR Newswire]

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