Sony Patents PlayStation AR Headset

MAY 30, 2022

PlayStation VR2 might not be alone. Sony Interactive Entertainment could also be working on a PlayStation AR headset.

According to a published patent from a couple of weeks back, Sony is apparently interested in bringing back augmented reality for PlayStation players.

The notion comes with a little surprise since the last time Sony delved into AR was a decade ago with PlayStation Vita, the handheld successor to PlayStation Portable which is highly regarded as a commercial failure.

The patent points out a goal of increased realism by “making virtual objects seem as if they actually exist.” Sony has factored in a unique brightness control system to change the level of brightness according to where the user is. Hence, being able to differentiate between indoors and outdoors in real-time.

Furthermore, the PlayStation AR headset is able to deliver surround audio “that make it seem as if they are originating from specific locations around the wearer.” It is important to point out here that the headset itself has no speakers. The user has to wear headphones that connect to the headset.

There is no telling if Sony is just locking down augmented reality technologies or patenting ahead of a PlayStation AR headset announcement. If the latter comes true, it would be interesting to see how Sony plans to launch PlayStation AR when knowing the ongoing supply chain and manufacturing issues.

Sony has been suggested to start mass-producing PlayStation VR2 during the second half of 2022 with a launch as early as in the first quarter of 2023. The headset promises a next-generation virtual reality experience on PlayStation 5 with more than 20 games available for play at launch.

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