Some Writers are Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Their Articles

OCT 16, 2022

I read a pretty disturbing article yesterday, all about how one “writer” uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to pump out articles quick, and even make as much as $100 for a single article. He bragged about getting high views, generating a lot of followers and what not.

The “writer” even went on to give tips and advice on how other “writers” can use AI to generate their articles as well.

How thoughtful.

Have to say though, I was rather appalled. First, that this article was not only published here on this very platform, but also by one of the biggest publications on this platform.

Comments on the article were equally disturbing. There were so many other “writers” who seemed impressed and said how they wanted to try this out for themselves — that is, pumping out content quick using AI. They thanked this “writer” for bringing this to their awareness.

Was I just in the dark?

Am I just being naive? Am I the last to know? It does make sense though. As a publication editor especially, I’d wondered for a long time how some “writers” went about fashioning their “cookie cutter” articles. Perhaps it just wasn’t something I really wanted to think about… until this article forced me to.

And then, when I searched out other articles on Google, I found another similar post that was published on this very platform dating back to 2016! It contains advice that “writers” can use to produce content that rivals famous authors like J.K. Rowling.

Nice to know that Medium has been hosting and essentially promoting such things for years now! I had no idea! Did you?

What is AI for writing

From what I’ve gathered, AI programs work in a myriad of ways:

“Examples of writing support include automatic text generation, extraction, prediction, mining, form-filling, paraphrasing, translation and transcription.” *

Apparently, it’s as simple as providing key words. After the AI program poops out some content, a “writer” can then tweek it a little so as to make it look like they actually wrote it. Easy peasy!

“The best writing utilities make it easy to create automated content — whether you need blog posts, articles, or adverts. And, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, writing tools have never been so effective when it comes to producing high-quality copy in a wide variety of formats and subjects.”*

I had thought about listing some of the more popular programs, but then thought again. I don’t want to seem like I’m promoting these sites in any way, shape or fashion. Plus, they are pretty easy to find by doing a simple Google search.

A person can even find helpful reviews to assist them in finding the best programs to use, just like in one of the above-named sources.

Is this what Medium is really for?

I’ve always loved being on Medium and loved being a Medium writer. I work hard trying to write quality articles and also to promote articles via being an editor for Globetrotters and In Living Color.

I’ve written articles about how thankful I am for Medium being here, and also on how writers can provide value to readers through their writing. I even wrote an article on how we all perhaps just need to work a little harder and smarter to become successful here.

I’ve also really tried my best to be optimistic about the changes that have been happening over the last several months to a year since being on this platform.

However, this just seems like a pretty low blow and honestly, I feel a little stupid writing those previous articles now.

I also fully appreciate what fellow writer

Yana Bostongirl

had to say in an article she wrote just yesterday:

I am Starting to Have Second Thoughts About Writing Here

Do you feel me on this?

Funny enough, she actually mentions AI. Yo, seriously, perhaps we should all stop working so hard and just rely on AI for our articles!

With all the problems Medium seems to be having at the moment, is this really the way they are choosing to go now?

I’ve tried hard to follow the rules and stopped writing articles about the platform itself for quite a while as they make it quite clear they do not like this… but now that I see using AI is perfectly fine… what the heck… here is my Medium article about Medium. So be it.

Curious to know what others are thinking about this?

Have you used these programs and consider it a great idea, or like me are you equally appalled?

Normally I always end my articles by providing a referral link so that people can join Medium. But how silly this does seem now. Perhaps I should find an AI program that can generate some fake referrals for me $$$!! If you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em?