Smart Engines’ computer vision chosen for credit card scanning on Kazakh super app

DEC 02, 2021

Smart Engines computer vision software for automatic credit card scanning has been integrated by Kazakh Super App to enable seamless user experiences with optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

The installation of Smart Engines document scanning SDK enables app users to scan a credit card on a modern smartphone with an average speed of 35ms per frame. Overall, the time necessary to input data has been reduced by 9 seconds, the company says, delivering a significant reduction in friction for customers by eliminating the need for manual entry of card details.

Kaspi’s Super App is Kazakhstan’s most popular mobile app, and the company said it had over 7.8 active monthly users around the time of its successful London IPO last year. It is the country’s top app in each of the payments, fintech, and marketplace categories, according to the announcement.

The introduction of Smart Engines’ technology makes online payments and card-to-card transfers within the Kaspi mobile app seamless, the new partners say, and works with all types of payment cards.

“When it comes to customers, we share the same values as our partners from Kaspi — the customer comes first. It’s a huge responsibility to upgrade the quality of user experience, and we are proud Kaspi chose Smart Engines technology to reinforce it,” says Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines, Ph.D.

The latest customer win for Smart Engines comes days after a newly-announced contract for passport scanning with outsourcing firm Knopka.