Report: Israel, US forming joint team on 5G network

OCT 25, 2021

i24 News – Israel’s Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel and senior US officials have agreed to establish a joint working team to develop technologies for the 5G network, Israel’s public broadcaster Kan reports.

The move comes amid ongoing tensions between the US and China over the expansion of 5G technology.

Reports indicate that the US is looking at Israel as a new hub for 5G technological development.

In recent years, the US has tried to prevent China from taking over the 5G market around the world in a struggle with Chinese technology in general.

The US is also looking now to prevent Chinese investment in communication networks in Israel.

During the administration of former president Donald Trump, the US took an aggressive stance against Chinese expansion in the 5G market.

In 2019, the US added China’s Huawei and 70 affiliates to its trade blacklist. The move against the telecom giant — considered a leader in advancing 5G tech — requires US government approval for Huawei to purchase parts and components from US companies.

5G is the fifth generation wireless technology that provides faster internet service for mobile devices along with lower latency and increased capacity.

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