Oppo Air Glass is a minimalistic take on augmented reality

DEC 21, 2021

The Chinese company has introduced a new commercial visor that should enable users to receive biometrics data and other helpful information in front of their eyes.

The Oppo Air Glass is an interesting new entry on the market for augmented reality visors, departing strongly from the usual design of devices like Meta’s Oculus and Microsoft’s Hololens. Instead of a set of goggles covering the user’s entire field of view, Oppo came up with a small clip-on with a micro projector (called Oppo Spark) paired with a microLED display embedded into an eye-facing lens. Thanks to a magnet, the device is paired with a set of dedicated glass frames developed by Oppo to counterbalance the lightweight implement.

The interface projected by the Air Glass in front of the user’s right eye is nothing like you would expect from a full-on visor. Instead, it consists of primarily textual or stylised information displayed in monochrome, similar to a head-up display available in many recent car models. It can display directions, a virtual teleprompter during a presentation or a speech, or show a real-time translation between English and Chinese. Users can control the Air Glass via voice, touch, or head gesture.

Further functionalities will be added through updates and apps, which third-party developers can create through a dedicated SDK. Despite its futuristic look, Air Glass is a commercial product and not just a concept, although sales are currently limited to China. At the moment, it’s unclear whether Oppo will distribute the product in Western markets in the future.