Motorsport Games Finally Officially Launches KartKraft

JAN 30, 2022

After years of waiting, Motorsport Games has finally released the three-year Early Access title KratKraft onto Steam this week. The company recently acquired the title from developer Black Delta, who has had the game sitting in Early Access since November 2018. After the acquisition, the company got to work with its own development team to finalize what was there. This past Wednesday, January 26th, the game is now officially on the market in its final form. You can read a little bit more about the release down below along with a quote from one of the the members and a trailer showing off how it finally looks.

Motorsport Games Finally Officially Launches KartKraft

Credit: Motorsport Games

The full release of KartKraft for PC introduces a number of fresh additions to improve the overall gaming experience. Players can now participate in scheduled multiplayer sessions with a bespoke matchmaking system, something previously unavailable in the Early Access version. Additionally, the full version of KartKraft allows players to customize their own karts with 8 officially licensed manufacturers and 5 different classes. Players can also race on 7 officially licensed, laser-scanned circuits , including the newly added Whilton Mill circuit. Additionally, KartKraft supports virtual reality and triple screen play, as well as full motion support.

"Since joining the Motorsport Games team last year, we've been provided with more resources and tools than ever before to make KartKraft the remarkable game that it is today," said Zach Griffin, Director of Technology at Motorsport Games. "With our full launch out of Early Access, we couldn't be more pleased to finally bring a list of features that have been asked for by our community for some time, including online multiplayer, user interface updates and more tracks. More importantly, this does not signal the end of KartKraft's development, but the start of the next chapter. I'm confident that players will love this game just as much as we have enjoyed making it."

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