Lost mural to resurface via Augmented Reality app, City Unseen

SEP 20, 2022

Recent renovations of a Parramore office building resulted in the obstruction of a mural of a local activist, that will soon see new life via a local Augmented Reality (AR) app called City Unseen.

The piece, called Love Seeks Unity, was commissioned by local architect Ryan Young for a 1940s warehouse he purchased at 814 W. Church Street [GMap]. That building has since been completely renovated and rebuilt to house the offices of his firm, Interstruct Inc., with a more modern design and facade treatment that has obscured the mural, which was created by local artist Maureen Huda and her team and depicted Orlando activist Jennifer Desire in vibrant hues of blue, turquoise, red, and gold.

Young has now partnered with the team at Snap! Orlando (Website) to make use of their AR public art project, City Unseen, to help the work live on, albeit digitally.

“The Unity Mural has become much more than I ever imagined. It evolved into a powerful piece of art and symbolism during a very dark time in the midst of the pandemic and social unrest of 2020. As we grew closer to the completion of our new corporate headquarters, I dreaded the day that we would have to decommission the mural. Our partnership with SNAP! will allow the Unity Mural to exist digitally and continue to inspire others through a new medium.”


Smartphone users will be able to scan a code while in the app that will activate a fully animated, and interactive 3D image of the mural, so people can see what it looked like before being covered up. The tech works similarly to apps like Pokemon Go, which integrates digital imagery into a phone user’s environment, in real-time.

The AR version of the mural is expected to be unveiled sometime in October, but if you’re interested in using the app ahead of the reveal, you can download it at snaporlando.com to visit other AR installations in town too.


Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com More by Brendan O'Connor