MAR 20, 2022

Check out the top 10 best data science companies in Bangalore driving the data science market size in the city

Bangalore witnessed the highest percentage point growth (42%) in hiring among cities in December 2021 as compared to the previous year. Forecast for 2022 includes increased adoption of chat-bots, hiring of talent in data analytics roles, and growth of the Indian FinTech industry. Demand for freshers saw promising growth in IT, BFSI, as well as Advertising, Marketing, and PR industries. This article lists the top 10 best data science companies in Bangalore to watch out for in 2022.

1. Nanobi Data and Analytics Pvt Ltd

Nanobi is a cloud-inspired, true multi-tenant platform that provides full security of the underlying data and analytics with delegated administration for different levels of users. Nanobi’s shared data platform provides the most unified views in the form of virtual information. Business users at all levels can see their organization’s hidden insights at work by creating mash-ups “on the fly.”

2. Crossroad Elf

Crossroad Elf provides turnkey solutions to customers who are keen on succeeding and achieving sustainable growth in the modern-day business scenario. It brings together design, technology, and innovation, to provide solutions tailored to suit customer needs and demands. In the process, Crossroad Elf creates unique experiences and key moments of interaction with a focus on the client’s end goals.

3. DataVal Analytics

DataVal Analytics is a company excited in delivering quality every single time by building cutting-edge solutions in the field of data science and data analytics. Big Data, AI & Machine Learning, Dashboarding, Churn Prediction, Data Warehousing, Crop Quality Analysis, Face Recognition, Object Tracking & Identification, Yield Prediction, and more are the services provided by DataVal Analytics.

4. Inflexion Analytics

Inflexion Analytics was founded to help ambitious companies level the playing field with larger competitors, by providing you access to the same high-quality data analytics services, at a market-leading price. The company wants to help you get more from your budget for business analytics and help drive the performance, innovation, and competitiveness that drives productivity and progress.

5. Impact Analytics

Impact Analytics is the fastest-growing retail, CPG, and Supply Chain focused enterprise AI SaaS Product Company. It has built award-winning products and the company’s success is driven by a focus on innovation and changing existing processes through automation. Impact Analytics’ SaaS solutions are built to provide quick visibility into your business, based on real-time information, and enable smarter decisions based on data-driven insights while optimizing costs and adding millions back into the bottom line.

6. Fragma Data

Fragma Data Systems is a Big Data Analytics solutions provider for companies across all the major industries, helping them to transform their data into insights. It is a company led by a team of passionate data architects and domain experts with combined industry experience of over 50 years.

7. Focaloid Technologies Private Limited

Focaloid Technologies work with the world’s top brands, leading enterprises, small & medium businesses, and innovative startups, delivering end-to-end technology services. The company provides cutting-edge digital solutions to its clients, enabling them to adapt and thrive in the digital economy.

8. Fortunesoft IT Innovations

Fortunesoft IT innovations is a software product engineering and services company specializing in user experience design and cutting-edge technologies. The company partners with global startups and businesses of all sizes to build, enhance and scale products across platforms leveraging disruptive technologies in mobile, web cloud, analytics, AR, and IoT.

9. JDV Technologies

JVD Technologies provides a wide range of professional consulting solutions for emerging businesses across several key industry verticals. The services are designed to harness the power of the cloud and cutting-edge IT computing solutions for solving fundamental business challenges. The company is well-known for giving businesses a much-needed push towards simplified purpose-based cloud solutions.

10. Indium Software

Indium Software is a leading provider of Digital Engineering solutions with deep expertise in Application Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Digital Assurance, and Gaming. Over the past decade, Indium has built strong relationships with over 100 clients-spanning ISVs, Global 2000 as well as born-digital companies-across North America, India, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region as well as with ecosystem partners such as AWS, Mendix, Striim, and Denodo.