Levi’s website is getting a AI-driven makeover

OCT 13, 2021

The denim brand is investing in computer vision and visual search technology to offer a more fluid customer experience, WWD first reported.

In a sea of jeans, how do you find *the* pair? Levi’s thinks visual search and computer vision could help.

The denim giant plans to introduce the technology to its website in November, WWD first reported. Part of the company’s effort to amplify curation and discovery for online shoppers, the new features have been in development for two years, Louis DiCesari, the company’s global commercial head of data, analytics and artificial intelligence, told WWD.

Wait, what? Levi’s calls it “Grid Sort.” DiCesari explained it further: “The computer vision allows us to learn from pictures, and better link our family of products and how they relate to each other,” he explained to the pub. “Behind this is a neural network that figures out which products look like other products visually and shows them to the consumer, in the order we predict will be most interesting to them.”

  • With visual search, customers can upload product pics and then personalize results.

Zoom out: Levi’s isn't the only one pushing ahead with this new tech. Google gave its search a visual-first makeover last month, while Amazon also offers visual search so shoppers can match similar pieces of clothing.

It’s still too early to know if something like visual search will be adopted, but retailers continue to experiment to stay ahead of the competition, Clark Kleinman, an e-comm search expert at Pattern, told Retail Brew. “Ultimately, consumers will go where they can find the exact product they want as quickly as possible,” he said.—JS