July 16 is Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day! Here’s How to Celebrate it

JUL 15, 2022

July 16 is Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day, which celebrates various innovations in the world of tech, science, and even healthcare using the endless possibilities of AI.

July 16 is Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day! Here’s How to Celebrate it

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A visitor at Intel's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day walks past a signboard during the event in the Indian city of Bangalore on April 4, 2017.

Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day on July 16

As per an online article by National Today, Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day is celebrated on July 16, putting the spotlight on the latest discoveries in AI, as well as its long storied history.

The Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day was actually formally established by the firm known as AI Heart LCC in May 2021.

The annual celebration seeks to take a look at the significant contributions of AI these days to our daily lives and the whole of humanity as a whole.

Besides celebrating the latest achievements of AI in the modern world, Appreciation Day also thinks about the whole conversation of AI ethics.

The annual AI Appreciation Day further encourages people to discuss how we should go about AI ethics.

Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day: How to Celebrate

The Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day should give us a chance to learn more about how AI came to our lives.

July 16 is Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day! Here’s How to Celebrate it

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A tablet is seen in the center of a high tech art installation at Salt Galata on May 6, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. The "Archive Dreaming" installation by artist Refik Anadol uses artificial intelligence to visualize nearly 2 million historical Ottoman documents and photographs from the SALT Research Archive.

In this day and age, AI has rapidly become part of our lives from smartphone apps to the equipment in state-of-the-art hospitals. And as such, it is now easy to see AI as somewhat a normal part of technology nowadays.

But it is worth noting that AI is still in its early stages. Not to mention that it is a bit complex even if the by-product of AI appears to be seamless these days. That said, there are tons of stuff that we still ought to learn from it.

So there is no better way to celebrate AI Appreciation Day than delving deep into the topic, such as learning about basic AI development. Or better yet, explore more tools like apps that are primarily using AI.

After all, according to National Day Archives, AI Appreciation Day is supposed to put the spotlight on the benefits of AI to our lives.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While the idea of AI is typically paired with modern innovations these days, National Today notes that its history dates back to 1943. It was when the first iteration of AI was formally recognized.

As early as 1985, before AI technology has become an inevitable part of our lives, the AI market, in general, has ballooned into a billion-dollar industry.

And fast forward to more recent times, or in 2015 to be more precise, software and apps have greatly adopted the power of AI.

National Today adds in its report that more than 2,700 software projects have started to include AI technology, thanks to Google. Now, the numbers continue to grow steadfastly.

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