Instagram puts ads in augmented reality as facebook revenue declines

OCT 06, 2022

Earlier this week, Instagram parent Meta was reported to introduce more advertisements on the photo and video sharing platform.

In line with this announcement, Instagram launched a beta version of its augmented reality (AR) advertisements, which will be available in both users’ feeds and stories in the app.

Built in its Spark AR platform, Instagram will invite users to interact with their ad content. This includes testing various positions to fit virtual furniture in their homes, or trying to drive a car in the app.

On Tuesday, Meta announced it is testing “new ways for advertisers to reach customers in a range of ways based on how they are spending their time,” the company said in a statement.

“To help businesses better connect with customers through Reels on Facebook, we’re launching a test of post-loop ads—4 to 10-second skippable and standalone video ads that play after a reel has ended. When the ad finishes playing, the original reel resumes and loops again,” the statement said.

According to Reuters, Meta previously partnered with augmented reality (AR) companies Modiface and PerfectCorp in March, to help beauty and cosmetic brands more easily run 3D and AR advertising.

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VNTANA chief executive Ashley Crowder

“The metaverse is basically the spatial internet,” VNTANA chief executive Ashley Crowder told Reuters.

“It is a whole world of possibility that starts with having the right 3D models of your products,” Crowder added.

The latest announcements come three weeks before Meta releases its Q3 earnings report, which is expected to show declining revenue, yet again.

The company receives all of its sales from mobile advertisements, however, Meta stocks have lost almost 60 percent of its value in 2022 so far.

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