In conversation with famous YouTuber and Gamer Rachitroo aka Rachit Yadav

SEP 01, 2021

Rachit Yadav is from a middle-class family and comes from Uttar Pradesh. He is presently studying in the 12th class.

A career in Gaming has become an outstanding option for youngsters nowadays. Many are making a good amount of money and supporting their families while streaming and playing online games. Well, the risk is included in it, but with self-dedication, passion, hard work, and honesty, there comes a chance where you can earn a good amount as well. Today we are in conversation with supremely talented Gamer & YouTuber Rachit Yadav, famous for his YouTube Channel “RACHITROO”, who has struggled hard and made his name on social media at a very young age.

Rachit Yadav is from a middle-class family and comes from Uttar Pradesh. He is presently studying in the 12th class. His YouTube channel ‘Rachitroo’ is trending with 4 million followers. He is the most popular gamer and streamer amongst the youths these days.

Let’s talk…

  1. What is your passion? What kind of games do you play?

Rachit: I play whatever I like, whichever game is trending on social media. I get my hands on it, explore the game. If I like the game, I play it. If the game is trending and I did not like it, I never play the game, nor do I play the game on my channel or while streaming.

  1. How did you enter Gaming?

Rachit: I was in Gaming since I was a small kid. I started playing online games in 6th class. I started my YouTube channel ‘Rachitroo’ in 2017, but I consider 2020 was the big year when I started doing things with sheer passion. Before that, I was busy collecting all my knowledge about Gaming and its various career opportunities.

  1. What was your parent’s reaction towards your career in Gaming?

Rachit: Well, they were much tensed initially. I will say that every parent is scared of something which they don’t know about. My parents have zero knowledge about Gaming, and yes, they, of course, think that playing games can be a hobby and cannot be a career. But as the scenario in India about Gaming is changing rapidly, parents also accept the fact of change and can now allow their kids to play games or make a career in it.

  1. How was your parent’s first impression when they saw your first big payment via YouTube?

Rachit: {LAUGHS} yes, they were in shock when they saw the cheques, and yes, they were surprised too! They both were happy seeing their son’s first payment and felt proud.

  1. How did you think of Gaming on YouTube?

Rachit: When I was in 6th class, I started developing an interest in playing games online. From then onwards, I have started collecting information about Gaming, YouTube videos, streaming and also learned that Gaming is the biggest industry worldwide and it will grow bigger in the coming 10-20 years in India. So I decided to start my career in Gaming and give a chance to my luck.

  1. How did you see yourself after five years?

Rachit: Well, After five years, I dream of seeing myself on the list of most popular creators and influencers.

  1. Which Bollywood or Hollywood celebrity do you want to stream in the future?

Rachit: Yes, It would be a big thing to work with many Hollywood/Bollywood people, including Elon Musk, Henry Cavil, Billie Ellish, Ryan Reynolds, Akshay Kumar and many more, because it would be great to introduce such top celebrities into Gaming.

  1. What advice you will give to parents who restrict their kids from playing games?

Rachit: I will explain to the parents that, Gaming is a sophisticated career and there is nothing wrong with it. We can achieve good heights if we have passion and are ready to struggle. Many of them achieve heights in Gaming, and they will surely support the newcomers. Also, I would suggest to the parents that letting your kids pursue their interests will lead them to success for sure, and if Gaming is their interest, then let them go ahead.

  1. What would you do if you were not into Gaming?

Rachit: Well, I would be in IT developing apps and software as I have an interest in that field also. But Now, Gaming is life!

  1. Any future dream?

Rachit: Yes, of course, I have many dreams to achieve in my life. But starting my is my priority, and yes, I am currently working on some upcoming projects. Right now, I don’t want to reveal, but I am very much excited for everything ahead!

Successful Career Achievements of Rachit Yadav

  • Just hit 4 Million Subscribers
  • Ambassador for France-based E-Sports team (Team Vitality)
  • Partnered with Corsair and Adidas
  • Collaborations with: Sony PS5, Samsung, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Xiaomi Black Shark. HP, Renault India, to name a few.
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