iJustine Tim Cook interview briefly covers virtual events, iPad mini, AR, stores

SEP 15, 2021

A new iJustine Tim Cook interview was conducted immediately after yesterday’s Apple event, and posted today.

YouTube creator iJustine has made a career for herself essentially being a professional Apple fan, and doing so charmingly – and the interview was certainly an on-brand one. It covered a few different topics, but you shouldn’t expect any tough questions or new revelations …

iJustine kicked off by asking what it was like switching from in-person to virtual events, and Cook said he’d been pleased by the reaction to these.

It’s so great to get such a positive response from people. It’s great to invite people here, to see how it looks like inside, and sort of pull back the curtain on Apple. I’m just so happy with the with the response that we’ve got none and how many more people we’re able to to show our place to and invite into our home.

iJustine said that the most surprising part of the keynote for her was the iPad mini, and asked how Cook saw the new device fitting into the iPad lineup.

You know, it’s our biggest upgrade ever for iPad mini. People use it in so many different ways, we wanted to appeal to all of these type of usages. People really love the power of having this incredible device in the palm of their hand, having a full iPad experience […] It’s amazing all the use cases of it, and when you have something so ultraportable like this, it’s incredible.

Cook was asked how he saw the new camera capabilities as changing the way creators use the iPhone.

Things like cinematic mode, this is like having a Hollywood rig in your pocket.

After a mutual enthusing about the Apple Watch generally, and Fitness+, Justine asked how augmented reality will change people’s lives. Cook simply expressed his enthusiasm for AR in general terms.

You know, I am so excited about AR. It is one of these very few profound technologies that we will look back on one day and wonder how did we leave our lives without it? […] Already it’s a great way to shop, it’s a great way to learn, it enhances the learning process, I can’t wait for it to be even more important in collaboration.

Finally, Cook was asked about LA’s Apple Tower Theatre store opening, and how he saw Apple Stores evolving. Apple’s CEO mostly talked about how great it was to restore the building after decades of neglect, and said that the key thing for him was the ability of stores “to connect communities directly with mentors and creatives in the community.”

You can watch the interview below.