How to grow in a Data Scientist job

OCT 25, 2021

Once you start working as a data scientist and hone your skills for a few years, you would eventually want to take up more responsibility and move up your career ladder. But, how does one grow in a data scientist job to bag promotions and transition to a more challenging role?

Here are a few things you can do to keep growing in your job:

Master a particular domain

To grow in the company, one can master a particular domain used by the company or your team in general. This will make you identify yourself as a resourceful part of the team and a go-to person in your team when it comes to implementing algorithms or methods you have mastered yourself in.

You can hone your skills further by putting some more effort beyond work hours by enrolling in programs that teach you advanced concepts and taking part in competitions or challenges that need you to use your knowledge in real-world problems. You can also teach or train your team members, which would be a great way to show your skills and boost your confidence.

Create an impact on the business outcomes with your skills

Look at your job description and see how your skills are making an impact on the company’s business decisions. If you lack some skill (soft or technical), try to reach a level where your input to the team matters. To get promoted in a data scientist role, problem-solving for the business should be your main goal. If you can play an active role in doing that, your growth is inevitable.

Be a team player

No matter how amazing your skillset is, you have to be a team player to grow in a professional setting. The idea is to grow in your profile while helping others grow too and not work in isolation. If you have extra knowledge, interesting ideas that can help other team members, bring them to the table and teach them to other team members as well. This will not only increase the efficiency of the team (and the business by extension) but also hone your mentorship and management skills, which are crucial to growing in any work scenario. Learning how to deal with people and moving forward with them will make you ready for additional responsibilities.

Take guidance and feedback from seniors

Anyone from senior data scientists and managers to project managers with more experience and expertise can act as mentors or advisors to you. Show them your work, ask them to review your progress and give you constructive and unbiased feedback. This should be done from your first month at the job and not just during promotions. It will give you a continuous flow of feedback that you can work with. Doing promotions, you have already made considerable progress.

Go the extra mile, contribute wherever possible

If your domain expertise can help other teams say marketing, sales, and product analysis in the company, do not hesitate to reach out and help them. It will also benefit you, show how dedicated you are and how multidisciplinary your skills can be. Plus, you can benefit a lot from doing this too. You can learn about new technologies and domains (say, your data science skills help solve a big marketing problem), which can only add more value to your CV.

Promotion in any job can only happen if you consistently add value to the organisation. Getting a solid grip over what you do, being confident in your skillset, communicating well and being a team player will surely help you reach greater heights in your data science career.

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