How a Digital Twin Platform Streamlines Data Center Design and Operations Management

JAN 14, 2022

A new white paper from Future Facilities outlines how a Digital Twin platform streamlines data center design and operations management.

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Data center customers are pushing for greater efficiencies while also demanding more compute power. These factors complicate data center design and decision making. Tools that utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and digital twin technology can streamline both design and ongoing data center operations by reducing modeling time. 6Sigma Digital Twin is one such tool. “The 6Sigma Digital Twin is a 3D, physics-based, virtual model of the data center used to manage decision making in design and operations” according to Future Facilities. 6Sigma Digital Twin includes 6SigmaAccess, 6SigmaRoom, and the 6SigmaRoom Modules.

The paper says that 6SigmaDCX software is fully automated to “build, edit, solve, and report workflows.” In terms of data center design, the product allows users to automate reports that feature photorealistic model snapshots. Users also have the ability to create customizable dashboards and charts. Models are easily maintained to make ongoing data center operations easier.

Release 16 provides a holistic view of data center performance, so colocation data centers can optimize capacity while mitigating risk. – Future Facilities, “Release 16: Empowering Data Center Teams with Each New Software Release

The authors also outline typical use cases for the 6Sigma Digital Twin. They note that the system has been implemented by colocation providers, enterprise owners and operators, data center consultants, and data center equipment vendors because the “product suite streamlines data center design, as well as day-to-day operations management.”

The 6Sigma Digital Twin provides a robust look at a data center’s performance for colocation providers, and consolidates key information for enterprise owners so they can make informed decisions. It also reduces the timeline for model building and design, helping consultants to “meet project timelines with ease.” For vendors, the software allows them to perfect thermal design by simplifying equipment analysis.