Hempacco Announces Cryptocurrency Plans Just Before Ringing Nasdaq Bell

SEP 23, 2022

Hempacco, a Hemp manufacturing company that recently raised $6-Million-Dollars with their Initial Public Offering (IPO) in August, is taking fast action to accelerate commercial growth. Dominating convenience store trade shows, creating partnerships with Popular culture executives and artists, and expanding product offerings is not enough for them. Now it’s been revealed that the San Diego-based cannabis brand will have a cryptocurrency in the near future.


Before the ICO or IDO however, Hempacco has been securing public funding via Nasdaq and the S&P 500. It is 1 of only 2 companies from the city of San Diego-California to successfully launch a public IPO on the S&P 500 stock market in 2022.

That IPO raised $6-Million-Dollars for the Hempacco company.

In terms of investment potential, major blogsite Seeking Alpha ranks the company as one that will grow feverishly and has major upsides for investors. One of the obvious components of the prediction is that Hempacco smokables have become a major face of non-tobacco cigarettes. And this is in a period where Americans have officially chosen marijuana, CBD, and Hemp before Tobacco.

Self-titling themselves the “Disruptor of the tobacco industry,” Hempacco has become the leader in the Hemp cigarette surge and Wall Street’s taken notice.

Ringing The Marketsite Bell

Today at 4pm eastern standard time, Hempacco will be nationally aired & globally syndicated, from the Nasdaq MarketSite In Times Square New York City. The company’s team of representatives will take part in Nasdaq’s prestige bell ringing ceremony, representing Hempacco to Trillions of dollars worth of investors.

A moment to solidify the brand, the bell-ringing ceremony is only another stepping stone in the company’s business plans.

What’s the importance of the bell ringing? First, the brand will be known by everyone watching. Second, it helps solidify the brand as a legitimate entity in business. Third, it will definitely increase investor interests and generate new stock buyers.

And There’s more going on than the stock market, when talking about investment.

Cryptocurrency Adoption & ICO/IDO Launch

According to the Crypto Coin Opps, possibly in the future, an IDO or ICO launch for a Hempacco cryptocurrency will also occur. A company executive spoke with the ‘layman’s read’ crypto-news site,to reveal these plans but gave little detail.

The un-named figure essentially confirmed Hempacco will accept major cryptocurrencies in their store(s) soon. This likely includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, SHIB, DOGE, and Solana.

CCO also hopes to ignite a connection between Hempacco, VeChain, and SafeHaven. This would increase usage of the highly secure and completely decentralized exchange, SafeSwap.

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