Graph Blockchain aims to create 3D NFTs for Augmented Reality

SEP 08, 2021

New World Inc, a subsidiary of Graph Blockchain, announced its intention to create NFTs using 3D scanning. These allow them to be viewed in an immersive environment using AR/VR.

For example, Contributors can create holograms of their favorite athlete, fabricate an unconventional piece of furniture, design a high-end piece of clothing, or create abstract pieces of art, all derived from objects in the tangible world.

Brazilian singer, songwriter, and dancer Naldo Benny is the most recent celebrity to team up with New World to create an NFT through 3D scanning. Naldo tracked his signature dance moves and mannerisms that were translated into a digital avatar by New World’s creative team and sold as an NFT.

This seems cool to me, and more of what I envision NFTs to be: Virtual representations of physical objects.

Check It Out: Graph Blockchain Aims to Create 3D NFTs for Augmented Reality

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