Google's new promo video for the 5G Pixel 6 is perfect for Halloween

NOV 03, 2021

Tomorrow, as many of you know, is Halloween in certain countries including the U.S., Canada, and Ireland. If you live in a country where the holiday is celebrated, you'll start hearing your doorbell ring incessantly as trick or treaters dressed in costumes seek candy to gorge on later in the day. Google, recognizing that Halloween is here, has released a video created for October 31st that is focused on the Pixel's Night Sight feature.

Titled Nightmare on Night Sight, the sub-title is Ghost Hunting with Night Sight and Pixel 6. Night Sight is the feature that allows Pixel users to take photographs under low-light conditions without flash, and still produce viewable images. The video starts by saying that what we are seeing is a true story with real #TeamPixel photographers Alex and Nick. The pair was sent to Bodie, California, formerly a booming "gold rush" town back in the 1800s.

Bodie is now a ghost town with a population of zero, and the photographers were sent there to see what Night Sight and the Pixel 6 can capture on a dark and spooky night. Along with their tour guide Hillary (who claims to have had an interaction with a ghost), the photographers captured several Night Sight pictures before they ran into something strange.

Visitors had reported seeing the ghost of a woman in the window of a particular building. After taking several photos inside that structure, some had what appeared to be a purple camera flare on the image. Alex, who is particularly afraid of ghosts, said, "I'm not shaking 'cause I'm cold. I'm shaking because I don't think that's a lens flare."

Those professionals in the ghost hunting business call it an "orb" which are supposed to be the spirits of loved ones according to these professionals. And of course, a spooky howl is then heard in the distance. The crew then decides to take a photo using the Pixel's astrophotography feature which takes photos of the night sky. The photo also captured the window where visitors had reported seeing a ghost.

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