Fortescue extends use of SmartCap wearable fatigue management technology

SEP 10, 2021

Fatigue management is critical to ensuring a safe and healthy workforce. In its 2021 Sustainability Report, Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) says that throughout FY21 (1 July 2020-30 June 2021), it continued to use fatigue management tools to support workforce planning and a safe working environment. This includes the use of InterDynamics’ FAID, a roster analysis software that helps quantify roster fatigue risks, allowing Leaders and team members to predict fatigue risks and put controls in place.

In FY21, FMG also extended the use of SmartCap, a wearable technology that monitors brain activity and provides users with real time feedback on their level of fatigue, empowering them to make adjustments and reduce the likelihood of a fatigue event occurring. During FY21, 198 units were in operation across FMG’s sites.

The company added: “Reporting tools that identify team members working additional hours and a process to support Leaders making changes to reduce fatigue risks are also used across our sites. During FY21, we purchased sleep apnoea equipment to allow our Perth and site-based employees and contractors to self-test for sleep apnoea risks. Together with additional support, team members can improve their sleep quality and reduce the fatigue risks associated with obstructive sleep apnoea.”

Wenco International Mining Systems acquired SmartCap in May 2021. Wenco’s parent is Hitachi Construction Machinery with SmartCap joining HCM’s Solution Linkage® family, Hitachi’s ICT/IoT solution platform for global mining and construction customers created in response to increased demands for improved safety, life cycle cost, and productivity.

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