First YES 5G playground opens in Kuala Lumpur

MAR 22, 2022

YES by YTL Communications is offering 5G in Malaysia and has unveiled its YES 5G Playground in Kuala Lumpur, which the company said is opened to the public at the Premier Terrace of Lot 10 from March 7 to March 31 from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

In a statement, the telco said YES 5G Playground paves the way for Malaysians to learn, discover, play and be the first to experience 5G in Malaysia.

Visitors can take part in a number of activities at the 5G Playground that will give them 5G experiences, it added.

According to YTL Communications’s chief executive officer, Wing K Lee, there are more than 2 million 5G compatible phones in use in Malaysia today but not every Malaysian has the chance to understand or experience it before buying.

“This is why we built the 5G Playground to allow all Malaysians from all walks of life to learn, discover and play with 5G. We hope that as they visit the 5G Playground, they will be able to experience the world of endless possibilities that the power of 5G has to offer,” he said.

The 5G rollout is made possible with the support from the government that the Single Wholesale Network (SWN) model will be retained in the country to bring 5G to the nation at the lowest cost by 2024.

Among the activities at YES 5G Playground for visitors include virtual reality experiences, 5G smartphone and various games displays, YES packages, various contests and food and beverage.

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