Digitalization is a key enabler for economic growth

OCT 13, 2021

Maciej Tomasz Zielinski, Siemens Ukraine CEO

Needless to say, the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are causing disruption in times of global pandemic crises. Corona has just speed up the process and forced companies to transform their business models even faster, than ever bevor.

Digital technologies make manufacturing more productive, less resource-intensive, and supply chains more resilient. They can also enable the widespread integration of renewable energy, make cities more liveable and our transport more efficient and sustainable.

Digital Technologies for industrial Companies

What we call Industrie 4.0 enables manufacturers to create a “digital twin” of the entire manufacturing environment – from lab to factory floor, from showroom to service. Manufacturers can design, simulate, and test sophisticated products in the virtual world before making the first physical prototype, or starting actual production.

Software helps optimize every process and every task, whether performed by humans or machines. Once everything works in the virtual world, the results are transferred to the physical world, the machines, and they close the loop by reporting back to the virtual world.

Siemens is active in sectors that form the backbone of the global economy and offer great potential for digital transformation and enhanced sustainability – the major challenges of our time. It has the technologies needed to enable companies and economies to boost their productivity, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

The company is rapidly driving its technology portfolio: software and automation solutions and a leading IoT platform, plus core technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, 5G, industrial edge and cybersecurity.

As a recent example, Siemens Ukraine is developing digital applications for Pharma industry. Company helps to embrace digital transformation for Ukraine’s Pharma Leader Farmak. Siemens proven electronic batch record solution (an electronic batch recording – eBR) enables completely paperless manufacturing within regulated processes. It supports operational and manufacturing efficiency in both manual and highly automated environments – from the design of the batch record to the release of the batch report. Enabling a more detailed recording of process data, conditions and results, it helps build error-resistant processes that are more robust and less prone to deviations.

Digital Technologies for sustainable Energy Transition

The energy systems of the future are increasingly decarbonized, distributed, and digitalized. This fundamental transformation is in full swing. Ensuring that the digital transformation succeeds in the energy sector requires decisiveness, flexibility, and intelligent investments in smart digital technology. Investments in innovative technologies today create future-proof power grids characterized by reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Last year Siemens Ukraine and NPC Ukrenergo signed a historic contract that aimed to completely renew the entire operational capability of the national energy operator. The Project includes the complete modernization and renewal of the national transmission control system (SCADA) and the National Dispatch Center (NDC).

The implementation of the project is one of the key technical requirements of the Catalogue of Measures for enabling synchronization of Ukraine’s energy system with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, ENTSO-E. The integration of the UES of Ukraine with ENTSO-E is a strategic goal of Ukrenergo and an important component of Ukraine’s energy security provided by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

SCADA will control active power flows within the system, optimize transmission losses in the network, automate generation dispatching, maintain switchover formats at the power system level meeting the requirements of ENTSO-E. The system will also exchange information with the software package of the new electricity balancing market.