Data Scientists are tweeting their ML books collection, thanks to this viral post by Bojan Tunguz

MAR 29, 2022

Bojan Tunguz, a senior systems software engineer at NVIDIA, tweeted a snapshot of his collection of books on coding, data science and machine learning. The tweet went viral and attracted lots of responses from the data science and machine learning community. “This collection would get you close to 98%-99% of all the necessary core skills to be good data scientists,” he said.

Bojan’s list includes:

  1. Approaching almost any machine learning problem – Abhishek Thakur
  2. Feature engineering for machine learning – Zheng and Cesari
  3. Hands-on unsupervised learning using Python – Ankur A. Patel
  4. Deep learning with Pytorch – Eli Stevens, Luca Antiga, Thomas Viehmann
  5. Introducing Python – Lubanovic
  6. Machine learning using TensorFlow cookbook – Alexia Audevart, Konrad Banachewicz, and Luca Massaron
  7. Natural language processing with transformers – Lewis Tunstall, Leandro von Werra, Thomas Wolf
  8. Hands-on gradient boosting with XGboost and Scikit – learn – Corey Wade
  9. Deep learning with python – François Chollet
  10. Effective Pandas – Matt Harrison
  11. Machine Learning using Pytorch and scikit – learn

While Bojan’s collection covered most notable books on coding, data science & ML, we have found a few quote tweets mentioning the important books he has missed out such as:

  1. Deep learning for coders with Fastai and Pytorch – Jeremy Howard and Sylvain Gugger
  2. Deep learning – Ian Goodfellow
  3. Hands-on machine learning with scikit- learn, Keras and Tensorflow – Geron Aurelien
  4. Pattern recognition and machine learning – Bishop

Meanwhile, Alex Engler, a research fellow in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution, opined the list doesn’t have books on data collection (tools or theory), SQL, data viz or communication, experiments, causal inference, or domain knowledge.

In his response, AI_digator highlighted the severe bias of the data science community against the coding language R. Meanwhile, Leon Palafox, the director of artificial intelligence at Grupo Salinas, said the collection has no books on theory.

Bojan Tunguz’s tweet represents an ongoing trend on social media where subject matter experts are posting their cache of books on data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Check out a few posts below:

Ranabir Devgupta, a business intelligence engineer at Amazon Payment Products, showcases his book collection on ML:

This trend is not restricted to book but all kinds of resources that aspirants can use to get a deep understanding of machine learning, data science and AI.

Meanwhile, the trend continued on Linkedin too:

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