Compromises not the way to go’: Infinix CEO on affordable 5G phones

JAN 29, 2022

Infinix– the brand known for its budget friendly phones– is planning to launch its own first 5G phone in the country. According to Anish Kapoor, CEO of Infinix India, compromises are not the way forward when it comes to making affordable 5G devices.

“A lot of people want to have a 5G phone, because they just want to have a 5G phone,” Kapoor stated in an interaction with, but added that elements like the RAM, good design language and the display quality cannot be overlooked just because the phone has 5G connectivity.

Since 2021, 5G has become an important aspect in buying a new phone. While the next-gen network is still not available in India, brands have already started marketing 5G smartphones as the future-proof way to go. This began with flagship phones, but now, 5G has been trickling down to lower segments like the sub Rs 20,000 market. Infinix plans to cash in on the segment next.

Adding that a customer needs an all-round phone in each category, Kapoor stressed that 5G cannot alone be a factor for a phone to do well or stand out. “Each person has their own unique requirement with their personal smartphone,” he stated, adding that compromises in key areas may limit a phone’s target audience to a smaller group of buyers, even if it came with 5G connectivity.

The CEO stressed that the Infinix’s phone will offer “a great value proposition” with “aggressive pricing”. More importantly, it will also support 13 5G bands, in an attempt to stand out from competing devices in the segment that offer support for just one or two bands.

This is crucial because phones that support more 5G bands will have a better coverage of the various frequencies to ensure a seamless experience when networks are available later in India. 5G bands exist in the low, mid and high spectrum tiers. While low spectrum bands offer lower 5G speeds, they offer a more widespread range. High spectrum bands (mmWave) offer higher speeds but very limited range. Mid spectrum bands offer a balance between the two.

Meanwhile, Infinix’s phone will also try to offer a unique new design with a sleek profile and a vegan leather back to set itself apart.

Infinix also has plans to launch about 12-13 devices this year and we may see one new phone launch each month from the brand. It will also bring more new TVs in the Indian market, along with more laptops in addition to the Infinix InBook series that was launched in December 2021.

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