Cityzenith joins Digital Twin Consortium

NOV 22, 2021

Cityzenith is bringing its city decarbonisation expertise to the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC).

The DTC is a collaborative organisation driving the digital twin industry forward through a membership drawn from innovators and companies across many sectors.

Its latest invitee Cityzenith has created a software platform, SmartWorldOS™, able to create virtual replicas of buildings, cities and infrastructure to track, manage and optimise carbon emissions to minimise environmental damage.

DTC executive director Dr Richard Soley welcomed Cityzenith’s membership, commenting: “Its specialised knowledge and experience in clean cities will benefit our members greatly as we deploy digital twin-enabling technologies in buildings, cities, and urban areas.”

The DTC’s global network not only advances digital twin innovation across many industries, but also coalesces sectors, government, and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of the technology.

Members benefit from collaboration with industry peers, participation in industry working groups, influencing requirements and future standards for digital twins, and recognition as a digital twin industry leader.

Founding members include Bentley, Microsoft, and Dell Technologies, as well as up-and-coming digital twin innovators. Cityzenith is chairing a working group for DTC, working with other market leaders specifically to the industry’s best interests.

Clean Cities – Clean Future

Jansen’s mission at Cityzenith is to use its SmartWorldOS™ software platform to decarbonise cities as part of its international ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ campaign, with Phoenix, Las Vegas, and New York already signed up to the initiative.

Michael Jansen, Cityzenith

Michael Jansen, Cityzenith

“Despite only covering three percent of the Earth’s surface, cities contribute to 70 percent of global carbon emissions while consuming 78 percent of the world’s primary energy, of which we waste 67.5 percent,” said Jansen.

“Smart tech innovations such as SmartWorldOS™ can provide the essential interconnectivity required to reduce these percentages, it’s like Sim City but in real life, providing real data to solve real problems.”

“The platform’s ability to handle massive data streams harnessed to cutting-edge artificial intelligence, has delivered custom climate resilience applications to greenfield cities, real estate developments, and infrastructure projects. We know the issues and have the capabilities to help solve them for those who design, build, and manage cities.”

To hear more from Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen, please register for an upcoming FREE webinar with Dan Isaacs, Chief Technical Officer at the Digital Twin Consortium: Cityzenith & The Digital Twin Consortium – Spotlight on a Partnership HERE.